Child Labour : A threat to the Nation’s progress


India contributes a large share of child labor in the world, more specifically in the less developed world. The overwhelming majority of working children in India is in the unorganized, agricultural and allied sectors. Poverty, unemployment/under-employment and illiteracy, are the most important factors that contribute to child labor in India.

Poverty is the main reason why child labor exists. Children may work in factories, sweatshops, mines, fields, hotels, match factories or in households. Some children work as guides for tourists and end up getting sexually abused by different people. It is estimated that there are between 70 and 80 million child laborers in India. Though there are laws banning child labor they are blatantly ignored even by educated and well-informed people. Young children not yet in their teens, often work for 20 hours a day and are paid only a pittance.

Thus, there needs to be terrific efforts made by the Government as well as the country’s people to stop this practice. Child labor is a cruel practice. Childhood is a time to play and be carefree. A child is not equipped to work like an adult so this evil practice should be banned and the government should see that no child is deprived of education because of poverty. Moreover, children are the future of the nation. Hence, if their youth is ruined, the nation’s progress comes to a halt. Child labor is a deadly disease and needs to be completely eradicated.

** Blog post contributed by our esteemed faculty:
Mr. Souradeep Rakshit
Indian Institute of Legal Studies



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