In order to be law abiding citizens, we must negotiate a vast web of laws and rules. It is the responsibility of the citizens to abide by the laws framed by the law makers of the country. However, being a citizen of India which has a common law system, it is guaranteed that all the laws framed shall contain moral principles which will serve to be beneficial for the majority or almost all the people of the society. However, there are always two sides of a coin. The great Irish satirist Jonathan Swift likened laws to cobwebs. Because they seem to stretch in every direction to catch innocent flies while failing utterly to stop wasps and other creatures responsible for much greater crimes against human comfort. But, it is the duty of us to abide by the laws but also do raise our voices incase it is felt that the purpose of attaining justice is not being thoroughly fulfilled. The spirit of democracy shall be maintained in its full glory.


Law is basically a body of enforceable rules and principles of conduct. At the same time, another hallmark of law is that it should be flexible to a certain level. But perhaps the most important characteristics of law is its fairness. Law needs to be just, fair, reasonable and transparent.

Thus, it is the principle of rule of law which the Government must legitimately exercise to regulate the conduct of the human behavior in the society.

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Souradeep Rakshit
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