Consumer’s movement in India

The consumer is the center of all business activities. In modern days, it is said that the consumer is the king of the market. Business activities are carried out to satisfy, the wants of consumers. A commercial organization totally depends on the customer not only for its survival but also for its growth. At present customer is given top most importance and every attempt is made to satisfy the customer.
But in reality, the position of the consumer is different. He is like a slave. He is exploited by well organized and well informed sellers by charging higher prices, by supplying poor quality goods, even by supplying adulterated goods, shot weight, misleading advertisement, etc. Customers are still un-organized and have no idea about their basic rights of safety, right to choose, right to be heard, etc.

In the word Consumerism, “Consumer” means the user or customer and “ism” means movement”, and hence, consumer movement is popularly known as “Consumerism. It is an organized and collective movement of consumers.
The main object of this movement is to educate and unite consumers and to fight for the protection of their rights. Consumer movement is similar to trade unions because it is a collective approach to solve the malpractices and injustice done by any organization.

According to Philip Kotler and G. Amstrong, “Consumerism is an organized movement of citizens and government to impose the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers.” Thus, it is a movement of the consumers, for the consumers and by the consumers because it is a social movement of consumers and it has came into existence to educate and unite consumers to fight for their rights. In short the process of uniting consumers is nothing but Consumer Movement.

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