The recent hot topic and the burning issues in the field of the Environmental law is the Climate Change and Global Warming. The concept of climate change is simply the process of changes in climate is now becomes improper as the duration and the time period of the weather and the seasons are not in the proper cycle. Tsunami, Earthquake, Landslides, cloud bursting, Heavy Raining, Scorching Heat or Summer, Chilling Cold are some of the results or the features of this Climate change. These climate changes is become one of the important topic at international level as it is directly dealing with the life of people and the environment in which people are living. At international level there is a huge discussion is going on and various protocols and conventions are farmed in order to solve this issues. United Nations framework on Convention of Climate Change is one of the most important steps in the field of climate change which comes up in the year 1993 and gives us the  mechanism to solve this environmental issues and protect the environment. It already presumed that the principle which are already adopted by the various environment related convention which are working towards this issues.  Kyoto Protocol is one of the most important protocol to this convention which are mainly dealing with the global warning. It basically deals with the carbon emission by the industries in various countries. To removesuch carbon emission and reduce it, various procedures and mechanism are provided for this. It is very much required to bring cooperation among nations in order to protect environment and climate change.



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