Animal Rights

One day the absurdity of almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall than have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.

                                                                                                           -Martin Luther King, Jr.


ANIMAL RIGHTS red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

ANIMAL RIGHTS red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

This planet is not only for the human existence but is also for all other living creatures. They also have the same right to existence in this planet. So as animals, they also posses certain rights which are even granted by our national laws. As like human beings they cannot fight for the protection for their rights we human being can do the same for those creatures. Animal Rights is the idea that some or all, non human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interest- such as need to avoid suffering- should be afforded the same consideration as similar interest of human beings. These rights are the rights of animal to be protected from human use and abuse and can take moral, legal and practical forms. People who support animal rights believe that animal are not ours to use as we wish for whatever purpose, be it for food, clothing, experimentation or entertainment. They also believe that we should consider the best interest of animal regardless of usage they may have for us. The right to humane treatment claimed on behalf of animals, especially the right not to be exploited for human purpose.

In our Indian tradition and culture almost all the animals ha a respect and special place in our society. But the situation is not the same in present time. They became easy target to earn quick money. Healthy young animals were killed leather, meat and for different commercial purposes which are not allowed by the law. Thousands of animal are performing in circuses.

The Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960 under section 11(1)(a) to (o) prescribes different forms of cruelty and makes it punishable with imprisonment and fine. Section 428 and 429 of IPC 1860 make it illegal to maim or cause injury to any animal. The Wild Life Protection Act is also present for protecting the life of wild animals. Article 51 A of our Constitution also lays down fundamental duties for every citizen one of which included compassion for living creature. In form Article 21 under the heading of Right to life and personal liberty vast right is given to everyone. So anyone is at liberty to do good things for the animals. Now one of the important issue is raised by the people those who are taking care of street dogs and other animals sometime they faces problem. In this regard Delhi High Court stated that the Animal Welfare Board and Municipal Authorities need to work with them. Inspite of all the laws and measures taken by the authorities the animal rights are constantly infringed by us human beings. The only way to protect their right may be minimization of the commercialization of animal’s and awareness among the masses.




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