UK Whistleblower Protection Laws: Highly Criticized

UK Whistleblower Protection Laws: Highly Criticized

Ms. Sayantani Das


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”-    Albert Einstein


Over the decades of 15 years we have continuously strived to be the leaders of the constitution and have succeeded in being the leading independent whistleblowing service provider in the world. The concept of whistle blower have blown in such a way that its functions are available over 22 countries,  having proudly fostering long-term relationships with the clients and continually strive towards service improvements.Over the years Whistle Blowers has become much more than just a hotline. Where we are witnessing the success story of whistle blower worldwide, but there are some countries which were highly criticized by the whistle blower protection laws and more specifically it is UK. A recent report published by Blueprint for Free Speech and the Thomson Reuters Foundation has found that UK law “does not–and cannot–adequately protect whistleblowers.” Moreover the Public Interest Disclosure Act has concluded that the whistle Blower law is outdated or broken and it need several major updates. It has closely being examines that the UK’S existing whistleblower protection legislation have some broken areas which includes minimal protection for whistle blowers in workplace. Secondly, a lack of governmental agencies dedicated to whistle blower issues. There is no strong financial rewards for whistle blower which encourage the individuals to come forward and help by disclosing any fraudulent activates in terms of public interest. It is always said that where there is a problem, there must be some proposed solution. It can conclude by giving proper reforms likewise establishing a rapid-response system to protect whistleblowers, secondly forming a specialized government agency to look into the matters and lastly a proper rewards system by funding them. Thus, the whistleblower reward laws have proven to be an absolutely critical tool in detecting and prosecuting corruption and fraud and thereby saving the U.S. government billions of dollars, in some cases even saving lives.



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