“HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE” or “HBV” is a specific crime or offence within families or social community or groups to shield and protect their respective cultural or religious beliefs or more particularly the family honour. “HBV” is a term used by the academics, statutory and non-statutory agencies world wide in relation to describe and frame various forms of violence uprooting from the notions of so called Honour. “HBV” is rather a kind of infringement of human rights which take the shape of domestic or sexual violence.


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Common reasons for HBV includes-

  • Refusing in arranged marriage
  • Having a relationship outside the approved group
  • Loss of virginity
  • Pre-marital Pregnancy
  • Reporting domestic violence
  • Attempting to divorce


“HBV” is a collective crime; it is an act of potential religious or social fanatics who indulge the life of the targeted person in risk. These types of fanatics are present in numerous numbers in the society who in the name of protecting their values scatters the virus of honour based violence in the society which endangers the life of the victims by multiplying the risk. Assessing the risk in such kind of circumstances become inevitable by the sufferer to survive.


India has elevated levels of honour based crimes. In accordance with the report of U.N, one out of five cases of honour killing internationally every year comes from India. Honour Based Violence and killing occurs generally in the rural areas specifically in Haryana.

In rural  India and middle-class urban India, the onus for protecting and upholding the family morality falls on the shoulder of women in the family – the daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, and mother. Daring to choose a partner other than the one chosen by her family or by committing adultery she violates the family’s honour. Henceforth she and her lover face death as a result of it. 


Honour crime or based violence is traceable in almost all parts of the world namely- Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, France, Germany, United Kingdom and many more countries.


HBV” are committed by those communities in which the family or community beliefs are considered pre-eminent rather than the individual. Consequence of HBV is ultimately killing the member of the family who is contravening the family morals but the victims who fortunately survives lacks self-confidence and self-reliance and suffers profoundly from the isolation of their families. In this kind of situations it is necessary to give psychological feedback, counsel them from stress, depression or post-traumatic disorders from culturally appropriate providers.


HBV is a serious threat to human right and must be taken people at risk of HBV possess negative experience and expectations of authority. The offence is trivial to the victims as well as to the society. The only way to prevent Honour Crimes is to adopt stringency in the application of the available norms Honour Based Violence is a culture adopted under the pretext of family name and reputation. These offence cannot be attributed to any specific religion or caste.



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