FASHION (is about you)

Fashion, it simply means our lifestyle. The word ‘fashion’ was first introduced in English language which means ‘to create’ . By fashion we create an image of ourselves through our garments, accessories and other aspects . Fashions are no exceptions to law, it comes in vogue and go out of vogue because man loves change, variety and novelty.


Fashion are infectious and spread rapidly like a wild fire. Man is by nature fashionable because of his inherent desire to see and to be seen. Fashion makes men and woman looks smart, presentable, attractive and fascinating. Fashion also reflects progress and the growth of civilization. But they can be abused as well and become harmful when turned into obsession. It is said that you remain in shape and fashion but become beast in life and condition than in such a situation it is better to be a little out of fashion at the cost of one’s conscience and discretion .

Now-a-days people spend a lot of money and earnings to keep themselves in fashion. They are particular about their dress, hairstyles, cosmetics and so on. Has not Shakespeare declared in ‘Hamlet’, ‘the apparel oft, proclaims the man’. Therefore a youngster’s keep themselves abreast of modern trend in style and fashion.

Fashion is a most cherished possession of man and the freedom to choose one’s lifestyle is of fundamental importance. Fashion conscience is a healthy sign, but it would certainly be foolish to spend extravagantly for things of latest fashion and to run after it at the expenses of time, energy and resources.

It is good to be fashionable but better to be simple and dignified because simplicity with dignity is the best and evergreen fashion.



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