Plagiarism and Research Ethics

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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” a code on Professional ethics rightly points out the morals and ethics that one has to keep in mind in every piece of work they undertake. Ethics is defined in terms of things acceptable and unacceptable or justification of what is right and what is wrong. It is a huge social responsibility, however the most important point here in discussion is the disciplinary studies or the standard of conduct which is focused in the work of an individual who undertakes to write something that is to be adopted in conduction of any research or study. An individual who undertakes on research or writing of something carries with itself huge responsibility towards the public. Ethics in research is the most important component that one has to keep in mind while conducting one. It is very important to adhere to the ethical norms in research. The standard of conduct or the standard of behavior is reflected through the work of many such authors. But however it is observed that the level of competition has gone down to such an extent that people tend to get honors’ in their credit has started to adhere to such methods of coping and pasting from others content that the originality is lost.  Plagiarism is such a serious offence that people when they relate to plagiarism only to coping and pasting they disguise the seriousness of the same. The word plagiarism comes from the latin word ‘plagiare’ which means to ‘kidnap’. Instances of plagiarism in today’s world are in rampant as there may be various reasons for it. Yes the most notified reason may be the easy access to the technology which provides the readers with the variety of authors on a particular issue. People while studying or conducting research is as perhaps ethically weak as they lose the standard of mind and conduct, to sense between what is right and wrong. There may be many reasons for the same but the idea of coping to such an extent that people have lost their imaginative skills as they are buy in the art of copying.

Instances of plagiarism in today’s world of competition are increasing to such an extent that it is considered to be an academic sin.


To prevent Plagiarism there are several ways and resources but more than that it is the moral responsibility that one has to adhere while undertaking such project. As the world takes the work as a message, so it becomes an eminent duty on the part of the researcher to be alert and responsible. It is the inner self that one should be not permitted to do such an act of Plagarism which ruins the reputation of oneself.



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