Organ Transplantation: A Medical Miracle or Legalizing of Organ Trafficking

The concept of organ transplantation is a miracle of 20th century in the medical history. Whereby a person gets second chance to survive and enjoy his or her life. All are not so fortunate to get that second chance. Organ Transplantation basically is a surgery by which an healthy organ is removed from one person with his consent or from deceased person from the consent of his or her relatives and it’s transplanted to another person whose failed Or damaged.

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The very first time experimental organ transplantation was done in 1902 by Emerrich Ullaman between dogs in Vienna. After almost 50 years on 23rd December 1954 first time successfully living kidney was transplantation was done by Dr.Joseph and  Dr.David Hume at Brigham Hospital in Boston from Ronald into his identical twin Richard.

In India the laws governing for organ transplantation is Transplantation of Human Organ Act, 1994. This Act aimed to regulate the removal, storage and transplantation of human organ for the purpose of prevention of commercial dealing in human organs. New Rules were incorporated in the year of 2014 in the act.  This act allows a transplantation of human organ and tissues from living donors and after brain death also. Regulatory and advisory bodies are established to monitor transplantation activity. Rules were framed for organ transplantation from near relatives and non related donors. In all the cases of organ donation consent of parties must be expressed.  When the donation of organ was done by near relative permission of the doctor-in-charge of the transplant centre to donate its organ need to be taken. In cases of organ donation by non relative the permission of authorization committee established by state to donate his organ needed to be taken.

The laws are present to govern organ donation and we also have the modern techniques of organ transplantation inspire of those the organ trafficking became a globalised crime in the present time. The basic reasons might be our cultural and societal traditions which find a organ transplantation repugnant to discrete the bodies of our dead relatives for transplantation. This results in unauthorised commercialization of organ of Human Organ across the world. The World Health Organization stated the commercialization of Human Organ is violation of Human dignity. One more reason can be the lack of awareness among the mass about the organ transplantation system. Now what we needed is some stringent provisions to govern and regulate the practices of organ trafficking. Need to scrutiny the cases of organ transplantation very carefully because that might be the organ trafficking.



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