Education is the all round development of a student. It’s purpose is to develop a student into a full, whole and integrated person. Education helps in developing and bringing out the best of a student’s inner personality. An educated person is supposed to face the life challenges bravelyand successfully. No person shall be called properly educated if he/she fails in making a meaningful contribution to the income and economy of a society and country.

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Man is both emotional and rational being and both of these should be properly developed so as to form parts of an integrated and organic whole. The development of one a the expense of the outer world result in disaster. Man is neither a thinking machine nor a heap of emotions nor a bundle of flesh and bones. If one is guided simply by emotions his vision is bound to be distorted. Similarly if one goes by reason alone then he would be amere thinking robot. Likewise, in a weak body there cannot exist sound mind and spirit. Physical strength also reflects the inner strength of spirit and mind. Physically weak people cannot be morally strong. They would soon fall prey to all sorts of undesirable pressures and manoeuvres.

The main task of education is to produce useful,intelligent,morally strong,cultured and healthy young men and women. In short the aim and objective of education should  be proper integration and harmony between feeling ,thinking and doing. Education should produce people properly adjusted with the rhythm of life and it cannot beachieved until and unless there is much desired adjustment between rhythms of mind and heart n the individual.

One of its important task is to develop character. Now character is a very comprehensive term and means not only pattern of behaviour of an individual but also moral strength,mental presence, self discipline ,fortitude , reputation ,etc. Most of our modern problems have their origin in lack of our strong moral character. Modern age has been suffering from the crisis of character. It is said if a character is lost everything is lost. What makes a man ,really a man, in its true sense of the term, is its character. Without it man is nothing but a beast, a mere organism just existing selfishly without any values and ethical sense.

The country becomes developed and advanced because they have been continuously investing in education. This clearly shows that education is an essential investment and input to realize the utmost possible output. A purposeful education makes human resources and capital for mere dividend-paying than it would be otherwise. Good moral character ,scientific temper,self dependence, social and emotional awareness,secular and broad outlook, fortitude and sense of human values like compassion,truth ,peace , non violence and charity is the another name of education.



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