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Terrorist victimization adds a new dimension to victimological perspectives. In terms of meaninglessness, wanton, cruelty and depth of trauma here are no offences to compare with terrorists’ crimes which victimize innocent people. Terrorism has a very real and direct impact on the enjoyment of the right to life, liberty and physical integrity of victims. In addition terrorism and destabilize governments, undermine civil society, jeopardize peace and security and threaten social and economic development. Attacks of terrorists, which are indiscriminate or which deliberately target civilians are grave human right abuses and also crimes under International Law. Such attacks can never be justified. Security of the individual is a basic human right and the protection of individuals is, accordingly, a fundamental obligation of Government. States, therefore, have a commitment to ensure the human rights of their nationals and others by taking positive measures to protect hem against the threat of terrorist acts and bringing the perpetrators of such acts to justice.

Criminal law, which reflects the social ambitions and norms of the society, is designed to punish as well as to reform the criminals. But unfortunately, he law and establishment hardly take any notice f the byproduct of crime-its victim. And the poor victims of crime are entirely overlooked in misplaced sympathy for the criminal. The guilty man is lodged, fed, clothed and entertained in a model cell at the expense of the State, from taxes that the victim pays to the treasury.



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