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Law is not all about theoretical knowledge but involves a better way of its implementation through practical knowledge with regards to its right implementation. Practical knowledge can be gained through the process of internships ad court visits. Moot Court is another such means of acquiring practical knowledge through comprehending the law, interpreting and framing arguments and developing the skill of writing and arguing before the Hon’ble Learned Court. A Moot Court is an artificial court room where a student argues before the moot judge and places his/her arguments before it. Mooting in general is all about developing ones skill and practical knowledge which one does not receive during the course of theoretical studies, which helps the budding lawyers to build their confidence and oral speaking.

Through Moot Court a budding lawyer is trained on how to approach the case provided to him/her, searching of the relevant laws, developing abstract thinking and also facilitates in understanding the latest legal updates.

In a Moot Court students are given a hypothetical case in their hands and they do research, frame issues and arguments, prepare briefs (popularly called as memorials) and appear before  mock judges to argue the case. Even though moot court and mooting demands a lot of effort and hard work so that it is prepared in an efficient manner, but the experience, the exposure and the memories it gives a law student is unrivalled when compared to any other activities in law school.

Even though moot court has been a vital part of the National Law Schools in and around the country, still there are many institutions who have not included this curriculum within their ambit. There is a need of widening the scope of legal education as only theoretical knowledge would not help a person to develop himself into a professional. Practical experience through moot court and internships is a must to develop the budding professionals of tomorrow. It has been seen that though the moot court and mooting does not provide the exact procedure followed in courts but at the same time it builds up the confidence of every student and helps in developing his skills.

Mooting has become an integral part of the law institutes and today it’s the dire need of every law student.



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