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What happens when too much carbon dioxide gets omitted into the earth’s atmosphere? The condition known as global warming occurs. Global warming is the rising of earth’s surface temperature due to chemicals in the atmosphere. It has many threats on the climate and the health of people on this planet.

The first thing comes to our mind when we think of global warming is what causes it to occur. The gases which are known as ‘’greenhouse gases’’ all build up in the atmosphere of the earth and makes it harder for the radiation that the sun shines into atmosphere to escape. The heat continues to build up and this is what causes the temperature to increase. First it causes the glaciers to melt and causes the sea level to rise around the world. The farmlands near the seashore will be flooded and the crops will be destroyed and many farmers will be left without much to live off of. Another danger that comes with the changing of the climate is that the increased heat causes more evaporation to occur in the hotter climates. This causes there to be more precipitation in many other climate that are used to handling massive rainfalls. The increased rainfall will also lead to speeding up the process of sea level rising.

Health is also sometimes threatened of this global warming. Heat becomes a huge factor in the health of humans especially the elderly. Incidents such as heat stroke exhaustion and disease increase drastically. The heat makes it possible for the mosquito and other insects to transmit disease.

Global warming not only increases temperature in hot areas, it also decreases temperature in cold areas. Once the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the polar ice caps will begin to melt. Even the partial melting of polar ice caps will cause sea level to rise so much as to completely wipe out most coastal cities. Of course the inland cities are also not safe either. Rather than surging of sea water and hurricanes they will face drought.

No matter what there will always be a little bit of carbon dioxide omitted into the atmosphere. If we could just limit all the coal and fossil fuels that we burn, there will not be so much ‘’greenhouse gases’’ and it would keep all of that from happening so quickly.

In our lifetime we won’t be able to see too drastic happen due to global warming, but there is a chance that our children and grandchildren will. Hopefully they won’t.



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