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The ‘Right to Euthanasia’ is now being widely debated in various countries and strong opinions are developing in favor of euthanasia. Advances in medical sciences and technology have particularly brought this matter into fore. Questions are being asked as to whether it is right to continue life-sustaining medical treatment in cases where all hopes has extinguished or  whether wishes of a person no more competent to exercise judgment and his wishes expressed before lapsing into incapacity of exercising judgment, be respected and complied with in terminating life. At the present time, “right to die with dignity” is being advocated by many organizations and individuals. Many “right to die” societies are being created and living wills are becoming increasingly popular. There is also the issue of socio-economic viability linked with the right to die with dignity.

To provide an ultimate healing touch for the dying, the logical, the common sense, the compassionate approach for Euthanasia can be legalized by the interference of law and legislation for the permissive Euthanasia society and so far as the misuse is concern it is known that every boon possesses some curse, even Code of Medical Ethics may also be treated as a safeguard while legalize Euthanasia as a safeguard for the curse.

Thus, this right to dignified end of life should be bestowed upon the individuals, family, physicians and the society at large with necessary dogmatic mechanism. A decision in time can avoid torment to the dying, can release recourses to save other retrievable lives and avert emotional and fiscal agony to the survivors. Sometimes death can be much sweeter and much more dignified than living.



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