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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Westernization is a term used to denote the process of adoption of the western culture, style, language and philosophies. Westernization has to a great extent affected and influenced our society in both the good and negative way. Today as we stand in some corner of the world wearing jeans and a t-shirt we totally cannot disapprove of westernization as it can be seen that being westernized makes oneself feel confident amongst the crowd.

The starting era of westernization in India marks the abolition of Sati, Child Marriage and the Purdah System, but no one state whether this is actually the result of westernization or modernization of the Indian society.

With the one set of a globalized world the stepping in of the western culture was a boon to the society, as it helped an individual to face the society, with a single mode of communication and a similar way of dressing.

India is a secular country. Each and every individual is free to adopt any culture, tradition and religion. What can be seen after all this freedom still there are caste related issues, religious riots etc. Has the cultural heritage of our country leading us to this?

What can be seen that speaking in English, eating a burger, visiting pubs and discos are not the gifts of westernization but rather globalization. What would be call a person who has changed his religion to Christianity? Has he been affected by the ill effects of westernization? We cannot say so as that would contradict our secularism.

Talking about the dressing style, do we call a women wearing a shirt and pant obscene, when a sari does not even cover somebody fully. It is all in the comfort and luckily westernization is providing us this.

Walking on an empty street, the board read as follows:

” Welcome to the disco, Boys 500 rupees….Girls free of cost.”

What would we call this? Westernization or obscenity …. a question to be pondered upon. Today we do not like to eat a chapatti at home but love to have a burger at the joint. Wouldn`t give the beggar a rupee but would give 10`s and 100`s of that as a tip in the hotel. Would wait for a whole year for valentine`s day but would not remember the birth and death anniversary of our beloved freedom fighters. Today when we wake up in the morning and receive a call we say “Hello, Good Morning” why not a “Namaste”. Does saying Namaste or greeting someone in one`s own language make us feel ashamed.

It can be seen that the rich cultural heritage of our country and the society has been locked up in a huge trunk and westernization has been sitting on it.

I do not disagree with westernization, it is good to adapt to changes. But when one adopts changes one should not forget his roots from where he has evolved.




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