Child Abuse

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Physical abuse has many forms. It may involve a hitting or kicking of a child. Other forms of abuse include the pouring of scalding water or coffee in a child’s body, or anything that cause pain.

Many times physical abuse is caused by a parent s or guardians, the child id not taken for medical help, even when wounds or injuries are very severe. When they are taken to the hospitals it is usually a secondary member of the family, one who have not caused the abuse but didn’t stop it either. This type of person might be called a facilitator.

Physical abuse is termed sexual abuse when it involves the display or the touching which is not comfortable. This brings us to the next form of child abuse, that of sexual or exploitive abuse. Mental abuse of child can involve several different activities. These can involved the common verbal forms, i.e. yelling , neglect, constant insults, etc. They also involves certain forms of mental torture and neglect. Mental abuse is one of the most damaging forms of abuse, because unlike rape or other form of sexual or physical abuse.

Mental abuse will be with you all of your life. It not only effects the child and the family but society as a whole. Neglect is also another most prevalent form of child maltreatment. It is unlawful withholding of child’s basic needs. Food , shelter , clothing,  these are all things that a child needs to live an effective life in today’s society. To deny a child this things is to  leave him lower  in the ladder of needs that he or she would conceivably be otherwise . Neglect is by far more prominent than any other form of child maltreatment, but , continually it is the most prominent villain in child abuse advertising scheme.

Child abuse has always been around and it always will be around as long as people care more about themselves , than about others. The effects that child abuse has not just on the victims and on the society as a whole is , in my judgement far more devastating than the threat of drugs , of political upheaval, of economic disaster or of environmental destruction, I really think that child abuse is the most significant threat not just to the quality of life in this country , but to the life in this country.



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