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Education is the most vital institution of social world which has economic,  political , religious and other institution as its component elements. As an essential components of society education , is then related to other institutions including  the political .

The object of education is to awaken and develop in the child those physical , intellectual and moral states which are required of him by his society as a whole and by the milieu for which he is specially destined. Education helps the development of the qualities of an individual such as his physical , mental and emotional make-up as well as his temperament and character what is called personality.

The process of education assists the individual to become the sort of person who can stand on his own feet and make his own decisions. He acquires it through taking responsibility for others and through bringing his own individuality to the projects which he has to undertake in schools and college life. Modern methods of education play a good deal of attention to this way of learning. A learner’s personality is also developed indirectly when he is encouraged to form his own attitudes and values by studying outstanding people in history and literature.

Moreover the learner develops relation with fellow students and teachers. He will be influenced by their outlook and attitude. But the total effect that the school has upon him depends partly upon his individual make-up and partly upon the school environment.



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