Distinctive Polarization

Divergence of the opinion and aligning towards the extremist view is dangerous to the nation as well as in the international forum. We know about the Cold War between America and Russia. Consequence of it is not hidden any one, crunch for the land and power is the main source of conflict between the two strong nation. Though by the dissociation of Soviet Union Cold War has ended but Russia who was in the superior position in Soviet Union still dwells in Strong Communist view. Talking about Asia, polarization is surmounting this continent. Reason for this polarization is stringent and irked relation between India, Pakistan and China. In this scenario India is heading one side of polarity in comparison to China and Pakistan on the other side.

From the birth (1947) of the two nation i.e, India and Pakistan, both the countries are sharing sour relation, are the largest countries of South Asia. Reason of rivalry between them is the land of Kashmir. Presently India is facing Kashmir problem and Pakistan supported terrorism. China though not part of South Asia, strategically desire to surmount India in the Indian Ocean and also in the International Forum like by not allowing India to be the member of Nuclear Suppliers Group. China’s stubborn attitude towards this subject has irked the interest of India. China being a good neighbor and friend to Pakistan is also supporting Pakistan sponsored terrorism by asserting a stay on the decision of UN committee to declare Massod Azhar as international terrorist.

In between this unwelcomed circumstances, India has developed strategic relationship with America. America has conferred India as the major strategic defense partner in 2016. Entry of India in Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) where China is trying hard to be the member of MTCR, Construction of Bhupen Hazarika Bridge on Lohit river (tributary of Brahmaputra river) connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in 1 hour, India’s growing relation with the neighboring countries of South China Sea where China is unanimously interfering in the interest of other countries sharing the same geographical area, India’s win in International Court of Justice in Hague over Pakistan on Kulbhusan Yadav and many more feathers India is uprooting in the international arena. This all uprisings of India is raising concerns for China as well as for Pakistan.

Recent Uri attack and Pathankot attack in Kashmir has jolted the situation between India and Pakistan. Both the countries had faced war in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 and in humorously in all the wars Pakistan lot the battle. Pakistan has apprehended that they cannot succeed with India in war in place of that they have now initiated shadow war by sponsoring terrorism against India. In the recent UN report it was specifically stated that India has become worst victim of terrorism. However, polarization has again started, this time the place is Asia. This polarization is likely to benefit China and Pakistan as both the nation is die hurt anti- Indian and will never allow India to gain her position in South Asia and beyond.



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