Humanism is a philosophy or a way of thinking about the world. It is a set of ethics or ideas about how people should live and act. People who hold this set of ethics are called humanists. The concept of humanism refers primarily to a system of thought, which focuses on the autonomy of the individual . Humanism is a product of Renaissance and reformation in Europe and found its fullest expression in the American and French Revolution.

In modern times, humanism is close to secularism. It refers to a non-theistic approach to life. Looking to science instead of religious dogmas in order to understand the world. Humanism is defined as an outlook or system of thought concerned with human rather than divine or supernatural matter. A belief or outlook emphasizing common human needs and  seeking solely rational way of solving human problem and concerned with mankind as responsible and progressive intellectual beings.

Many humanist held many views which include ;

Humans deserve respect. Every human should be treated with respect and allowed to have dignity. If all people act with respect for others then people will live in peace and trust.

People should all be able to decide how they wanted to live their lives. They should make reasoning to make decision and solve problems.

Humanism expresses that  human beings has great potentiality and if developed fully, one can reach to the fullest height, provided one gets proper opportunities to develop. In humanist thought , men became free in his private life. He was not only unique but also different and could not be reduced to the other. Man acquired inherent natural right to decide the rules of moral living. Man claimed freedom in the public domain and asserted the right to choose his political regime.

Human beings are in complete charge of themselves, they will decide their own values and they are materialists. Everyone wants to be a freeman. Everyone occupies a unique position. The final decision in all matters now rest with the individual. Since man has the capacity to decide true and false as he is endowed with reason. He has a right to choose his political regime.



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