Attitude is a concept of how you will respond to any situation . As we are humans and we face many problems or situations heading ahead in life. The way response to this situation will  define our attitude.

We all have a choice . It’s  a power we all have. Each of us will encounter hard times, hurt feelings, heartache, and physical and emotional pain but the most important or the key to realize is not  what happens to you that matters, it’s how you choose to respond it.  You can choose whether the things installed in your mind is positive or negative. Your inner dialogue will programs your attitude, which determines how you present yourself to the world.

When a person talks to you rudely than you may say like, this guy has an attitude problem. We refer attitude as a negative perspective but reality is very different.  Different person have a different view on a particular situation like, some will prefer hard work as a key to success while some will say that one should do smart work and only hard work is not a key to success. As the view of the person change their attitude towards the situation also changes.

We all have some persons in our life to whom we don’t talk or can’t talk freely. But we should try to develop a friendly attitude with all.  A slight change in the attitude will make a lot of changes in our life. Sometimes your attitude becomes a stepping stone between a conversations. This little change will make you a very different person than before, you will be a much happier and much stress free life through friendly attitude and can achieve much more things through these.

To develop the friendly attitude you should be grateful or we must show gratitude , by doing this from time to time you can improve the relationship and make things better. Self-examining is also very much important. By this we can ask our self if we have done something wrong or not, which will help us to improve our performance to more convenience. Positivity is also needed to develop a friendly attitude , by changing our thoughts into positive in every situations. While talking to other people politeness is also most necessary because rudeness in conversation makes your attitude unfriendly. So, make a change in your attitude, which will change your life.



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