INDIA without ANGELS – Female Infanticide

From Childhood all us heard of a saying which evoked the maximum patriotism spirit and adrenalin rush in our entire body that is “Bharat Mata ki jai”, today when I write this blog there is mixed feelings being proud to be an Indian and also on the other hand it gives me some food for thought to contemplate on the fact whether am I really proud of my country’s current societal environment. A country which we refer as mother (feminine gender), and we are very proud of it, on the contrary we are on the zenith of practicing homicides of  infant girl child on a regular basis  throughout the various parts of India – urban, rural and suburban alike.

Now if we look at the statistics of the female infanticide in India, it will for sure give us nerve wreck and sleepless nights. According to the Country’s Minister of Women and Child Development, in 2015 more than 2000 girls were killed every day in India. Although the 2011 census showed an increased parity in the country’s overall sex ratio, the child sex ratio was at an all-time low of 914 females for every 1,000 males. A May 2011 study in British medical journal the Lancet found that around 12 million Indian girls were aborted since 1981.The new government under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is attempting to curb the issue through its Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter) initiative launched in January, 2015 which aims to better enforce laws against prenatal sex determination and ensure access to education for girls. There is already a marked increase in the number of girls being admitted to orphanages, a sign Gandhi says is somewhat heartening because it represents a transition from “being killed to being thrown out.”

In a country where the number of Goddesses are more than Gods, where the country is itself referred to as mother, where going by the past decade records no girl is behind any man in the field of education, administration, defence, parental care, art and culture etc, it is high time for us to give serious thought on curbing female infanticide in INDIA. Let’s make our country the same heaven again where angels are worshipped and adored, not killed or nipped in the bud.



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