Secularism  in India means equal status and treatment to all the religion. In India  we use the word secularism to mean impartiality or non-interference by the government of the country in matters of religion. India has a vast population and this vast population is practicing  different religious rites and different religion like, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity, etc

One of the guiding principles of India is impartiality in religious matters. India wants her citizens to cling to any religion they like without any government interference and this decision is proclaimed in the amended preamble to the constitution of our country. With the 42nd Amendment 1976 of the Constitution asserted that India is a Secular nation.

Secularism is very much important in India because the resultant tension led to the partition of the country in the name of religion. It is also important as it regulates the relation between the state and various religious groups on the principle of equality that the state shall not  discriminate  against any religion.

India is a secular country , as there is no such things like state religion. The Preamble to our Constitution resolves to constitute India into a Secular Republic. So the Constitution of India stands for a Secular state. Secularism does not stand for irreligious or anti religious state or a state indifferent to religion. Secularism implies that the state  shall have no official religion. The state shall not compel any religion to pay for the promotion of any particular religion or religious institution. No religious instruction can be shall be allowed in any educational institution (article 28 ) maintained by the state funds. No person shall be compelled to receive religious instruction in any educational institution. The state shall neither establish nor recognize any religious institution. All these, indeed, makes the state secular and impartial towards religions.



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