Arguments and discussion both are the noun which involves people talking  with one another and telling what they think, feel or know to be true. Argument generally means an angry disputes or disagreement whereas discussion has much more positive fell to it. It means people talking in a conversational and reasonable manner with other people.

Argument can be avoided and a lot of heartache prevented by being a little careful. The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. An argument is one thing which you never win. If you win, you lose; if you lose, you lose. If you win an argument but lose your job, customer, friend or marriage than what kind of victory is it?

Argument is like fighting a losing battle. Even if one wins the cost may be more than the victory is worth. The more arguments you win the fewer friend you have.

There is a vast differences between argument and a discussion:

An arguments throws heat it comes from ego and a closed mind, it is an exchange of ignorance, an expression of temper and an argument always tries to prove who is right whereas; a discussion throws light and it comes from an open mind , it is an exchange of knowledge, an expression of logic and it always tries to prove what is right.

In order to discus, let the other person state his side of the case without interruption. Let him blow steam. Don’t try to prove him/her wrong on every point. Never let him/her drag you to his/her level. Treat him/her with courtesy and respect; that will confuse him/her.

Regardless to the cause, the best way to diffuse the situation is to :

  1. Give a patient hearing
  2. Not fight back or retaliate – that will confuse the other person because he/she was expecting a fight.
  • Not expect an apology. For some people, apologizing is difficult even if they have made a mistake.
  1. Not make issue out of petty matters.

Discussion entails not only saying the right thing at the right time but also leaving unsaid what need not to be said.



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