Man and Evolution of Society

Man and Evolution of Society

Man is a social being, who lives in a society. Without society the life would be intolerable. The Greek political philosopher Aristotle said that , the man who doesn’t live in a society must be either a God or a beast. So, we all accept the fact that man lives in a group since the dawn of civilization. Man has the power of intellect and this differentiated them from other animals, the power of intellect means – the ability to think, to recall the past and to formulate plans and ideas. They cannot live alone.

As man has certain basic needs like food , shelter  and clothing , but this basic needs are not gained directly from the nature. For this man has to work hard, which is also not possible by working hard alone, the help and co-ordination of other man is also needed, in this way they share the common harmony , relationship ,happiness, joy, sorrow in the society.

Today, the modern society in which we live in was not build in a day. In the primitive period, people were food gatherer, who used to live in a jungles. After that they made newer and newer ideas and build up houses to live in, started rearing animals, agriculture, so that they need not to go to the jungle in search of their food. Later on, they made the use of iron and bronze. In this way , with the passage of time man began to live in a certain area and consider it as their own property.

With this the individual right came into being, the serpent did come into the society in the name of property. There also came the division of labour and the commodities became surplus and this surplus commodities went in the hand of fewer persons. The property gave rise to two classes ; haves and haves not and then the class conflict began. The haves could get their needed commodities in no time but the haves not have to work hard to get their needs , which later on took the shape of conflict between the two classes. Just to resist or to prevent those conflict, there came the society or the state, but those society or the state which came into being was not only to control or to resist the conflict between the two classes but to favor the haves  or the rich people.



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