Job Evaluation

job evaluation

Job evaluation is a method of shaping the qualified meaning of a job. It is a practice which is cooperative even for outlining payment policy by the personnel manager.

Job evaluation as a process is useful to a business in various ways:

Reduction in variation in pay composition –

It is found with the purpose of selecting people and their enthusiasm is dependent relatively in the lead of how finely they are being compensated. As a consequence the core intention of job evaluation is to have outdoor and indoor reliability in pay configuration consequently that variation in pay are reduced.

Specialization –

As division of labour and thereby speciality, a huge number of endeavour have got hundred jobs and a lot of employees to carry out them. So, an effort should be made to describe or classify a job and in that way fix salaries for it. This is probable merely from side to side job evaluation.

Helps in selection of employees –

The job evaluation information can be supportive at the time of choice of candidates. The aspects that are determined for job evaluation can be taken into account while selecting the employees.

Harmonious relationship between employees and manager – In the course of job evaluation, sweet and friendly relations can be maintained between employees and organization, so that all kinds of salaries disagreement can be minimized.

Standardization –

The process of shaping the salary degree of difference for diverse jobs become uniform through job evaluation. This helps in bringing consistency into pay structure.

Relevance of new jobs – All the way through job evaluation, one can appreciate the comparative value of new jobs in an organization.



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