A humanitarian approach

A humanitarian approach

Well versed are many academic individuals and scholars of this time, as well of the past, with the radical and ground breaking intellectual or to be more precise of the theoretical orientation of Karl Marx. So cherished and upheld are his works that a Marxist approach has become unquestionably still in vogue, honouring Marx as the thinker of the millennium. Intelligence is not merely to be understood as a biological blessing but additionally acknowledging the attributes of one’s curiosity, keen and analytical observance coupled with diligence shall invariably stand out time immemorial.

Karl Marx, so known to be the thinker of the millennium, still survives amongst us through his humanitarian ideas and writings, deserves the abundant credit for envisioning a just society. Most of his works on class, class struggle and capitalism has been primarily and partially misinterpreted as a pure economic affair. It is to be understood that his theory on such themes are but a matter of intricacy and contention. Whereas on the other hand, economic intellectual intricacies and contentions seem to have undermined the social aspects which Marx would have actually wanted to portray. It was through his eyes and more essentially his keen observance, analytical impression and above all as a witness to the unjust structure of the capitalist society, he through his work has been living on.

The excruciating exploitation as observed by the working class at the hands of the capitalists, the dysfunctional-spineless state, the expansion of the capitalist class culture and ideology, their greed for more, seem to remind us about of the need for human’s right for a proper and just society. The interpretation of a just society, the building blocks of a strong foundation for Marx has been only possible with the unification and the revolution of the oppressed against its oppressor. Hence, this very act tries to interpret the paving of a true Democratic society, a society well realised on the morals of an egalitarian society which shall be best expressed through the realisation of a communist society based on classless foundation.



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