Gender Inequality


Gender Inequality is an idea about difference in the position of men and women. Men are considered as the dominant Homo sapiens in the universe whereas women are inferior to men in all respect in the universal society. History provides the evidence that women were always the worst sufferer in all the adversity. Gender inequality refers to the uneven treatment to the individuals on the basis of gender. The perceptions of Gender inequality come up in social context gender roles. Society had always kept women under the shackles of restrictions about what not t do in each and every field. If we date back to ancient past, medieval period and even the contemporary, women’s are the worst human being to face the harsh factum of life.

With the changing time position of women has changed a lot. Earlier there was restriction to education, child marriage in pre dominant and many other unconstructive views and ideas encircled the life of women.  21st century has witnessed the emancipation of women in all spheres of life. Rather it will be better to pronounce MODERN WOMEN, right to education, abandonment of child marriage, dowry prohibition and in many more areas women has succeeded breaking the shackles. Modern Women are not only handling their primitive work that is their role as home maker but they are also active in the job of earning. This means they are active in all the pivotal aspects of life which are useful in liberating the society. Modern Women’s are teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, Judicial’s, executives, Ministers and many other role is being played by the women.

Now the question is does the Modern Women are truly independent? Does the gender inequality have vanished from our society? Do the women have equal access in each and every sector of society and life? Likewise there are many questions which encircle the position of Modern Women in the society. Or the realization of the modern women is all fake and day dreams. This could be seen very well in the work place where the women are not paid equally as their counterparts to men.

Studies have revealed that gender inequality is embedded in the work place. Many studies have also revealed that it depends upon the owner how he view his/ her employees on the basis of gender. It is very frustrating and annoying fact that employees are getting pay not on the basis of their job role but on the basis gender. Another study has revealed that employees are promoted to superior position on the basis of gender; in this case also judgment is done on the basis of gender.  Even in getting the work done or in the market place the people are dealing with their consumers differently with respect to the gender.

Gender Inequality is a serious ethical issue as it affects the interpersonal relationships to a greater extent and it refers to the gender moral principles. It also effect the effectiveness of the company’s corporate culture which in turn effects the output of the organization. Gender inequality in the workplace is an ethically important concern because it has a well-built crash on women’s enthusiasm.



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