Causes for the failure of population control in India

Causes for the failure of population control in India

Population is India’s biggest problem; ironically a majority of population either neglect it or consider it as an advantage.
Why population is a problem, that’s a big answer in itself. The reasons why government is not doing anything to stop it, are:

  1. Politicians want poor people as their vote bank and they don’t improve standard of living of Indians. These corrupt and greedy politicians thrive on the votes of poor people. They can easily manipulate poor uneducated people. Why they would try to control it?
  2. Industries want cheap labour and big markets. More population means more applicants for jobs, which translates to less salary and more difficult working conditions. Large population growth creates large demand for products and services and can help industries to maintain their growth and profit.
  3. Religion like Islam advocates large number of children (Children are Allah’s blessings), so no government want to touch this issue because of Muslim’ vote bank.
  4. Children– People are very emotional about their children in India. Indians, in general, lives a life which is strongly connected to their children, in contrast to developed countries where people live more independently. Government don’t want to burn their hand with it.
  5. Emergency- No Government wants to repeat forceful sterilization (vasectomies) like during the emergency.
  6. Lack of awareness.Forget about uneducated and poor people, even educated and rich people are not in favour of strict policies for controlling the population.



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