Challengees Faced By India In Pre And Post-Partition Period


The 1947 was a historical year for India and Pakistan. Finally, British Regime came to end and India and Pakistan got Independence. However, this independence resulted in mass migration and death of large number human beings due to rioting and religious fights. Immediately before the World War Two India was facing the problem of mass unemployment and the issues relating to inflation and Food scarcity was faced by India during the time of World War II.  In 1942 Quit India Campaign started. The political infrastructure shaken up in the year of 1946 when Jinnah and Muslim League demanded Pakistan, which leads to violence and disturbance in North India and because of that many, lost their lives. Communal Riots started between Hindu and Muslims, which British Government could not control. They were not being able to control the situation prevalent at that time.  Than Partition took place based on two nation theories Hindu and Muslim Nation. Pakistan became Islamic Republic but India declared itself a Secular State. That was when British India divided into two dominions one India and another Pakistan in 1947 under Independence of India Act, 1947 enacted by British Parliament. ‘REDCLIFFE LINE’ was the boundary, which demarcates India and Pakistan. East and west part of British India was after partition goes with Pakistan. That was the time when act of genocide was committed against Hindu Families of east and west part of British India who presently falls under Dominion of Pakistan. Due to the fear of death, many Hindu families managed to flee from that part in search of shelter and protection in the territories of India. At that time, they were designated as displaced persons but not as refugees. At the same time, the Mohammedan’s from Bihar and some other parts of the Country went to Pakistan but not accepted as Mujahirs. The Partition of 1947, leads to creation religious tension, mass migration in human history, genocide, gender based offences committed during rioting. The ethnic, religious and political unrest after Independence threaten the stability of both the Countries. The issue in relation to Kashmir is still unresolved and religious and political conflict between the two Nations is still subsisting.



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