Technology and Pollution


With every passing day, we see the world is reaching to the pinnacle of technology and urbanization. This age is rightly called the “Gizmo Age” as are daily life is somewhat paralyzed  with the use of modern day gadgets and technology like Cell phones, electrical appliances like television, air conditioners, geysers, washing machines, refrigerators etc, but do we really introspect the other aspect of the coin? This is a million dollar question as most of us are so busy in enjoying the utility of all these gadgets and appliances that we hardly ponder upon the negative aspects of all these things.

With the advancement of technology, there come many hazardous aspects associated with it, which acts as pollutants to pollute our environment. Pollution is the phenomenon where by harmful objects, gas and ingredients are added to our environment which causes severe damage to the ecosystem and biosphere of the world. Let us take an example of various automobile that is used on a regular basis. The automobiles like cars, buses, trucks, bikes, scooters and other public transport which we are using on a day in and day out are very harmful for our environment. Most of the vehicles that we are availing for our regular transport are run by the combustion of fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. The incomplete combustion of all the fossil fuel leads to the emission of poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. The gases like carbon monoxide are very harmful for human being as it mixes up with the atmospheric oxygen which is the one and only constituent of our respiration process. Naturally, as we inhale the air mixed with impurities, we get various kinds of diseases like respiratory problems, asthma etc.

The usage of appliances like air conditioners on a continuous basis is also very harmful for our health as it emits harmful gases like ammonia in to the environment, which may lead to various kinds of fatal diseases. Global warming is a very critical issue which the world is suffering right at this time. Due to the thickening of the ozone layer the heat is unable to escape from the earth’s atmosphere. The heat trapped in the atmosphere is causing a constant rise in temperature. The world is at a great threat of melting of the icebergs in the artic and the antartic circle which may lead to many dangerous consequences like tsunami, flood etc. The depletion in the ozone layer is also a serious concern for the world today. Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, various harmful gases like infra rays, ultraviolet rays are penetrating to the atmosphere which results into severe fatal diseases like cancers etc, which may even lead to the death of human being.

If we had a minute introspection of all the above points, we should understand the gravity of the situation, and without any delay take the corrective and preventive measures as soon as possible. It is not about availing the modern day technology, appliances and vehicles but it’s about using the modern day gifts in a judicious and limited way, so that the balance of the environment is not disturbed and we could lead a healthy and peaceful life without hampering our environment.




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