The South Asian countries are the victims of high level corruption, unfavorable governance and a never ending crisis of law. Moreover, the national development is also limited till a certain extent and political contexture is untrustworthy. Every South Asian country’s autocratic leadership faced legality conjuncture, political secret scheme in an honest and discriminate polity and the resources are crushed by the racial game which help to pervasive the corruption and disparity. At the same time corporate giants are also continuously exploiting the mass and are indulging themselves in the political operation to fulfill their self-interest, which they do by satisfying the needs of political parties and this thirst of political parties is satisfied by victimizing the society and as a result it hits the poverty level and e can hardly see any development in the nation. If this remains constant then their shall be a time when no law and order will prevail and people will lose faith in justice. The political party whose main function is to uplift the interest of society will never be able to justify its interest and the citizens will lose their faith on political leaders and political system.

The participation in this regime is turning unfavourable because people feel that it is not related to their lives. As there is a lack of support from the public at large, so the effectiveness of the government power was gradually destroyed. So if asked to forward suggestions then at first it should be proper framing of the policy for South Asian countries, i.e. control over the corruptions, and increase fruitful government policies, not to involve any kind of violence or conflict frequently and stable politics. This will promote a better image of the nation to World-wide investors and lure them to invest funds in the concerned nation apart from this it is also essential to  maintain a sound and friendly relation with the other nations as a o-operative nation is the most progressive nation.



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