Marketing Environment

Marketing activities are inclined by numerous aspects within and outer a business firm. These factors or services persuading marketing decision-making are jointly called marketing environment. It includes all those forces which have an impact on market and marketing endeavour of the enterprise. According to Philip Kotler, marketing atmosphere refers to “external factors and forces that affect the company’s ability to develop and maintain successful transactions and relationships with its target customers”.


The marketing plan of a firm is manipulated and shaped by a firm’s secrecy need to begin its business planning by looking apparently at what its consumer’s need, to a certain extent that privately at what it would prefer to produce. The firm must be conscious of what is departing on in its marketing environment and be glad about how modification is altering its environment which can lead to changing patterns of demand for its products.


It also desires to consider marketing prospect and fear are there in the atmosphere. An environment can be distinct as the whole thing which surrounds and intrude on an organism. Systems of several kinds have environments with which they act together. Marketing can be seen as a scheme which must react to environmental alteration.


Just as the human being may have inconvenience, it falls short to regulate to environmental change. In the same way, businesses may not succeed if they do not become accustomed to exterior variation such as innovative source of contest or transform in consumers’ preferences.

Asst.Prof. of Manegement – Amrita Paul



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