Mob Lynching

mob lynching

Mob Lynching is killing of somebody by a mob without any principle of jurisprudence or trial for an alleged offence. It is a way of telling by the majority population to the minority people that law cannot protect it. It shows a wide social motive of establishing superiority in terms of social, cultural, economic and political platform.  As the mob has no face, which leads the mob to take extreme steps. Mob Lynching is attracted mainly due an indifferent attitude of Police due to which people take law in their own hands. It is also attracted by an indifferent behavior of mob towards other religions and cultures. Other entities such as, media also plays a very crucial role in spreading rumors and hatred. As per ‘India Spend’, in the past eight years fifty two percent of attacks are based on rumors.

If we see the constitutionality of this concept then this is absolutely against the values which are enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Every such action of mob ultimately violates the fundamental rights of citizens and shows disrespect towards law and order which prevails in the society. Such acts of the mob not only disturb an internal environment but also create an atmosphere which is inclined towards the extremists and radical organizations, such as, ISIS, etc. Mob lynching not only hampers the internal environment but it also affects the economy by the act of internal migration. Further, large resources are deployed to tackle with such menaces which creates extra burden on the state.

Till date, government has launched many programmes and campaigns, like, Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat, Not In My India, National Campaign Against Mob Lynching (NCAML), etc. A draft on the said issue is presently on the internet and awaiting suggestions from the public.

As per the present requirement, the government should criminalize the act of mob violence. Penalties should be imposed on the public servant who fails to investigate sincerely due to willful neglect of their responsibilities. A mechanism should also come into force which should try to investigate the communal violence spreading through any kind of political interference. Community awareness through multimedia campaigns should be organized to check fake news. There should be the constitution of special courts for the specific trials of mob violence. Lastly and most importantly, police reforms are essentially required to check and control the mob crimes.



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