In medical terms the concept of false pregnancy is known as Pseudocyesis. One when believes that she is going to experience the motherhood which is gift of God came to know that she is not pregnant at all rather her pregnancy is false. Imagine the pain of those women who has faced this in her life. Now the question how it can be possible that a woman is experiencing all pregnancy symptoms like weight gain, growing belly, morning sickness, irritability, and backache without being pregnant and now it is medically recognized as Pseudocyesis. The strange fact about false pregnancy is it is not only women even the men are detected with this which is known as Sympathetic Pregnancy and medical term for it is Couvade.

Till date the exact reasons or the root cause for such state is not been identified by the medical experts. There is difference of opinions about the causes few say’s it is because of some physical and some other says that it is because of some psychological reasons. Whereas there is another group of medical experts who believes that it is a chemical imbalance. In some cases this situation arises due several miscarriages, infertility, losing of kid and mental breakdown, ovarian tumors and chemical imbalance in the brain which will make a woman think that she is pregnant and accordingly she feels that her body is changing. Another question comes and that is how to identify that the pregnancy is real or fake for that Urinalysis can be done to find out the same. Generally the result is negative woman is suffering from an illness like a very rare cancer that releases the same hormones as pregnancy and the second test be the ultrasound by which it will be determined that whether the pregnancy is real or false.



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