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IILS India
Chairman, IILS bestowing memento as a mark of respect to His Excellency, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan

The Hon’ble Chairan Shri Joyjit Choudhury presented a memento to the Hon’ble President as a mark of respect at Rashtrapati Bhawan. It was a moment of salute for his Excellency’s outstanding contribution made towards the economic, social and judicial upliftment towards our nation.

Date :07/02/2016

IILS India
Hon’ble President addressing the student, IILS at Rashtrapati Bhavan

One of the major thrust of the students visit to Delhi as part of the partial fulfilment of their curriculum was the remarkable meet with the President of India Hon’ble Shri Pranab Mukherjee. The President himself convoyed the students at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Date :07/02/2016

IILS India
Group Photograph of the student with Hon'ble President at Rashtrapati Bhavan

The students of IILS also took this once in a lifetime opportunity to take a group photograph with His Excellency Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

Date :07/02/2016

IILS India

26th of January is a day we remember and celebrate since Indian Constitution came into force on 26th January 1950, completing the country’s transition towards becoming an independent republic . The Indian Institute of Legal Studies took great pleasure in celebrating the 67th Republic Day at the College campus. The observation started with the hoisting of the National flag by Shri. Ajit Choudhury, trustee and member, Governing Body of IILS as a part of the IILS tradition since its inception followed by the patriotic slogans of “Vande Mataram and Jai Hind” and singing of our National Anthem as a tribute towards our Nation, a moment of utmost pride and honour. This was followed by enjoyment of some refreshments. The observation was then carried forward first by an address by Mrs. Trishna Gurung, Vice-Principal where she reminded the students not only about their rights as enshrined under the Constitution but also about their duties as responsible citizens of India, their duties towards their family, College , society and themselves. Mrs. Tanushree Sharma, Asst. Prof. of Law representing the faculty members expressed her views about how the students of today are the future of tomorrow in fighting against the evils of society. As it is always a pleasure and a moment of pride to see the students coming forward and performing well in all areas of life, Ms. Meherush Fazal, student of 5 Years- sem – IX, spoke beautifully on the significance of the Republic Day. As it is always a great pleasure to hear the words of wisdom shared by Sri Joyjit Choudhury, Hon’ble Chairman of Indian Institute of Legal Studies, he encouraged and motivated the students with feelings of patriotism and the zeal to achieve success through hard work and perseverance. His dream of making a change, an impact as an individual towards the society was clearly depicted through his speech. The observation was concluded with a vote of thanks from Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharjee by reiterating the views expressed throughout the observation by the other speakers. He also made a firm address to the students with regards to their vital role in the society.

Date :26/01/2016

IILS India

The project for adopting a village for rendering Legal Aid through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism system under the Champasari Gram Panchayat within the sub division of Siliguri, Dist- Darjeeling jointly undertaken by Indian Institute of Legal Studies and the Office of the Sub Divisonal Officere, Siligrui was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Dr. Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court along with the Hon’ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Judge, Calcutta High Court, the Hon’ble Justice Joymalya Bagchi, Judge, Calcutta High Court along with the other eminent dignitaries like Mr. Tapash Kumar Sarkar, Hon’ble Sabhadipati, Siliguri Mahukuma Parishad, Mr. Manijit Mandal, Ld. District & sessions Judge, Darjeeling, Mr. Manoj Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Siligrui Metropolitan Police, mr. Anurag Srivastava, IAS, District Magistrate, Darjeeling, Mr. Rajanvir Singh Kapur, IAS, SDO, Siliguri and Shri. Joyjit Choudhury, Hon’ble Chairman, IILS. A group of tribal performers dressed in bright coloured and traditional wears welcoming the Dignitaries with the energetic beats of the drums and soulful singing and dance was a beautiful sight for all. After welcoming the dignitaries on the dias, during the time of presenting the bouquets, Mrs. Sanghita Chick Barik, the Pradhan of the Champasari Gram Panchayat was requested to present the bouquet to the Hon’ble Cjief Justice, Calcutta High Court as mark of representing women empowerment which was very much appreciated by the Chief Justice. Lighting of the Holy Lamp by the Chief Guest followed by the other dignitaries with the students of Indian Institute of Legal Studies chanting the Sanskrit Slokas in the background along with the purifying sound of the “Shanka”. With the permission of the President of the session, the program continued. Firstly, Shri. Joyjit Choudhury, Hon’ble Chairman, Indian Institute of Legal Studies presented the theme to the august house. He took the initiative to speak to the gathering in Bengali so that the message and bonafide intention behind our endeavour of undertaking the said project would reach the common people. He emphasised the importance of catering legal awareness through the medium of ADR, by way of adopting a village at Champasari, for providing free legal service every Saturday, cases shall be indentified so as to provide speedy justice. Disputes shall be resolved, through this noble cause outside the court purview. Then, Mr.Tapas Kumar Sarkar, Hon’ble Sabhadhipati expressed that it is a historical day for all of us since a lot of people in the village are ignorant of the legal aspects of any case. The underprivileged rarely avail the legal help in its logical way. Hence, there is a need to spread awareness and help the villages in the vicinity of North Bengal, through the medium of ADR mechanism. Mr. Manoj Kumar Verma, IPS, Commissioner, Siliguri Metropolitan Police said that it is a red letter day for all of us as in collaboration with Indian Institute of Legal Studies, the office of the Sub Divisional Officer, Siliguri and members of the Civil Administration Service shall find a mechanism where the common people in general will benefit in a way that is expected from us. We aim to provide speedy justice at the lowest expenditure. Manojit Mandal, Ld. District and Sessions Judge, Darjeeling expressed that ADR can be availed through arbitration, Lok Adalat and Conciliation. It is better to adopt ADR rather than the traditional judicial process as it is not only quicker and cheaper, but resolves disputes in a lengthy procedure of the courts. Such processes are the need of the hour. Mr. Anurag Srivastava, IAS, District Magistrate Darjeeling said that ADR is an effective way of justice delivery. We need to cater to the needs of the people by providing them the required knowledge. Land Acquisition cases can be also resolved more effectively. This shall give impetus to the justice delivery system. Then, it was the time for the presidential address by the Hon’ble Justice Joymalya Bagchi. He expressed that this attempt is a great one on the part of the legal fraternity.Cynical comment of Bankim Chandra Chatopadhyay, “The law courts are the playgrounds of the rich.” This quote needs a change. The constitutional commitment of free legal service can be fulfilled by the stakeholders of legal fraternity. The courts should come to the doors of the needy. FIRs should be forthwith registered within 72 hours. Lack of manpower, deficiency of legal infrastructure access to justice dwindles and it is a far cry. District of Darjeeling shall be a model area for fostering such services. He also recommended a weekly Lok Adalat, with the active assistance of the District and Local Authorities. Pre-conciliation meets to be held and to provide legal aid assistance to equal the social economical status of the society. The Hon’ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Judge, Calcutta High Court through her key note address expressed that under the Directive Principles of State Policy, it is the obligation of the State to ensure that no person shall be denied justice. The general notion that justice is expensive can be corrected if effective justice on assistance is provided to the prospective litigants. The legal Services Authorities Act has been enacted for providing free legal aid. Not just aiming to provide a lawyer but justice delivery system shall incorporate people from the Parliament, Executive, Judiciary and the society at large. Also, create legal awareness, impart the knowledge, and make the people of the Gram Panchayat aware of their rights and corresponding duties or liabilities. Pending cases can be shifted to the Lok Adalat, reconciliations, LSA. These can act as forum to impart speedy justice. The National LSA has recently come up with 7 specific schemes out of which one aims at providing legal assistance to persons belonging to the unorganised sectors, mentally unstable persons as these people do not know of the provisions or schemes that are in existence. Institutions can act as collaborators to provide justice. Unless we come forward no amount of statutory laws or acts shall work. The Hon’ble Dr. Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court addressed the august house with an enthusiastic smile. She said that the people from cosmopolitan areas have a reasonable access to the legal system or gathering any information. The people of these areas have their cases only in paper, since people do not know how to go about with their problems. They need a vision, an action plan to serve the needy. Students are chosen to do this work since they have a comrade feeling, commitment, anxiety, and enthusiasm to do wonders. Like a doctor, unless he knows the problems, he cannot diagnose a patient. The lawyer needs to know how to extract correct information from his client so that he knows how to solve the problems. She suggested the formation of a “Client Counselling Committee”. We may also indulge into another issues like electricity issue, ration card, waste disposal system, gas connection, birth or death certificate and not just take up the pending cases. Last but not the least, a heart warming vote of thanks by Mr. Rajanvir Singh Kapur, IAS, SDO, Siliguri. He appreciated the participation of all the stake holders present, the role of media, the co-operation from the people. He expressed his full support to the project. He also mentioned how the students are the symbol of energy. The Inaugural ceremony was concluded with the playing of the National Anthem by the Siliguri Metropolitan Police Band. Finally, the highlight of the day, the session on disposal of identified cases through ADR mechanism system by the Hon’ble Judges presided by the Hon’ble Dr. Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court. A dispute between two brothers regarding the family property which had been subsisting for a long time was settled amicably by the judges in front of the august house. At the end of the mediation and conciliation, the two brothers agreed to sell the family property and share the amount amongst them. The Hon’ble Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court encouraged the two brothers to shake hands and continue an amicable relationship for the sake of their deceased parents and future generations.

Date :13/12/2015

IILS India

Mr. Rajanvir Singh Kapur, I.A.S., Hon’ble S.D.O, Siliguri was gracious enough to visit the Indian Institute of Legal Studies Campus on 2nd December 2015 and have an interactive session with the students. It turned out to be a very interesting and inspiring interaction. An open house interaction initiated by Shri. Joyjit Choudhury, Hon’ble Chairman, IILS enlightening the students about our purpose of being a part of the society - Our duty to work for the social cause as responsible members of the society. Mr. Kapur then spoke to the students about four important things: 1. NEVER MAKE EXCUSES- We should never make excuses in life meaning, we should take the responsibility for our own failures and shortcomings in our lives. We should not blame our parents, our friends or foes, relatives, school or College, work place or anyone or anything for our failures or shortcomings. We should be responsible for our actions. 2. WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS- Please do not bother about what others think about you because that is none of your business. These days, we are too worried thinking about what the other persons are thinking or would think about us. This applies to all age groups but especially to our younger generation for whom even a no reply on Whatsapp from their friends or “good friends” takes control of their heads completely. Life is bigger than just “what others think about us”. There are so many things to do in life instead of wasting our precious time and energy on baseless issues. 3. VISUALISE YOUR GOALS IN LIFE AND PLAN THEM- We should visualize our goals in life i.e., to visualize the position, status or place where we would like or want ourselves to be in five years from now or maybe ten years from now. Having a vision plus a plan to guide us through our journey to our destinations equals to success and satisfaction in life. 4. DO WHAT YOU LIKE- Lastly, after visualizing and planning our goals in life, we should do what we like. Meaning, deciding for ourselves what is suitable, appropriate or good for us. No shifting of our responsibilities and obligations. Mr. Kapur in his conclusion to his address suggested a one day camp/ visit for the students to the offices of the various Departments under his jurisdiction to observe the procedures and manner of their working. The interactive session proved to be a fruitful one as in, the students seemed to have listened and understood well what both Chairman Sir and Mr. Kapur wished to place across the students. The session ended with a vote of thanks and presentation of a memento to Mr. Kapur by the senior most batch as a sign of appreciation and love.

Date :09/12/2015

IILS India

This project shall be undertaken by the students and faculties of the Indian Institute of Legal Studies. PROPOSED AREAS: Champasari Gram Panchayat is an area under the Sub-division of Siliguri, Matigara Block in the District of Darjeeling. The villages falling under the said jurisdiction are as follows; 1. Sitong Forest 2. Sivok Hill Forest 3. Panchanai 4. Nunu Bairagi 5. Nunu Bairagi Chhat 6. Mohorgon Tea Garden 7. Purba Karai Barir Chhat 8. Galmakhari 9. Champasari 10. Duramarir Chhat 11. Purba Pasunath barua 12. Paschim Pasunath Barua 13. Karaibari 14. Dariagramer Chhat 15. Sisabari 16. Rupan Chhat 17. Palash 18. Kalkut (P) 19. Kalabari 20. Malahar 21. Mahishmari 22. Jadubhitar Chhat 23. Damragayer Chhat 24. Mohanadi Forest 25. Mahatram 26. Udaysing 27. Salbari Chhat Pratham Khanda 28. Daknikata (P) 29. Foutsigher Chhat. GRAM PANCHAYAT – Champasari POLICE STATION – Pradhan Nagar POPULATION – 43433 as per the 2011 census TEA GARDENS – 1. Sukna aTea Estate (Part) 2. Dagapur Tea Estate 3. Mohorgong & Gulma tea Estate. POST OFFICE - Pradhan Nagar PIN CODE - 734003 SCHOOLS - 1. Delhi Public School. 2. Mahbert High School 3. Techno India Group School COLLEGE - Siliguri Institute of Technology. HIGH SCHOOLS - 1. Ila Pal Choudhury Tr High School 2. Amiyo pal Choudhury High School 3. Parama Nanda Nepali High School 4. Salbari High School WHY CHAMPASARI GP HAS BEEN CHOSEN? It is a region with diversified population. It is indeed of immense importance to render assistance to the people of this area as it is too remote from the town and people cannot avail the court facilities easily because the Court having jurisdiction over this region is situated at a far distance. In view of the increasing crime rate in that area owing to the absence of such prompt legal assistance, it is felt that Champasari GP would be the appropriate area to be rendered free legal aid and be declared as free litigation village. As legal aid is not at the reach of all men residing at remote places, thus is this proposal for setting up of a legal aid camp so that all necessary legal assistance can be provided to the needy. Free Legal Services Authorities Act is an act to constitute legal services authorities to provide free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities and to organise Lok Adalats to secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity. Legal Services Authorities are statutory bodies constituted in the states of India by the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987, as enshrined by article 39(a) of the Constitution of India, for providing free legal services for the citizens. These authorities give free legal aid to a person if he/she is not capable of bearing the expenditure. This includes appointing a lawyer in case the person is a defendant in a case. These authorities periodically organize 'lok-adalats' (Hindi for People's Court) for out-of-the-court settlement of the cases (under provision of the law). MODE OF RESEARCH: Five group of students each group consisting of six students each group headed by one Assistant Professor of Law of Indian Institute of Legal Studies. The students would be responsible for collecting primary data and secondary data of the locality. The students headed by teachers will visit each and every house located within that jurisdiction every Saturday and Sunday. They will maintain a register and their problems would be identified and after making proper verification and scrutinizing each and every individual case, the respective parties would be requested to visit the Institute preferably between 3.30pm to 5.30pm during weekdays and with the active help of the local advocates, para lawyers the problem would be resolved amicably by and between the parties. If the matter is not settled amicably, then the matter shall be referred to the Court of Law having jurisdiction for such determination and adjudication with the help of the nominated lawyers. The Institute shall take utmost care and give such endeavour to dispose of the matter at the earliest possible way by giving free legal counseling and the entire expenditure would be borne by the college in this regard. COUNSELING CENTRE AND INFRASTRUCTURE: The primary counseling centre or legal aid clinic would be functional from the Institute itself. A room in the campus has been earmarked for such clinic and the clinic shall be provided with chairs, tables, telephones, papers and stationery items/articles and one computer with printer to save such data and prepare the day to day activity report. This clinic shall be attended by each teachers of the Institute rotationally and final year law students would be responsible to run such legal aid clinic as para lawyers. The clinic shall be operational from 9am to 6pm.

Date :09/12/2015

IILS India
Road Safety and Traffic Safety Programme

Road Safety and Traffic Safety Programme was observed by the students at Air View More , Siliguri on 16/10/15 to enlighten the public about Traffic Safety Rules and Obligations. The programme is supported by the Traffic Wing of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police. Mr. Manoj Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Sil;iguri i Metropolitan Police inaugurated the programme. Dr.T.K.Chatterjee, Director, IILS delivered the welcome address. Leaflets containing Traffic Rules and Safety Measures were distributed to people driving 2- and 4- wheeler vehicles were distributed by the students during 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Date :16/10/2015

IILS India

The students of the Indian Institute of Legal Studies are organising a FEST entitled " IILSZIYUM FEST 2015 on three days during from Oct. 9-11 in the college premise. It is an Inter-college and Inter-school Fest held for the first time in the IILS. . All the students are participating with huge excitement, enthusiasm and passion in various cultural events and competitions.The students of other colleges and schools have also been invited to be a part of the gala events. These Institutions are Gyan Jyoti College, Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management, Department of Law, NBU, Selesian College, IIAS, Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT) and Don Bosco School and Darjeeling Siksha Sangha. The Events are Runaway Show, Refrain of Hind, IILSZIYUM Trance, IILSZIYUM Beats, Be You, Ad Spoof, Storyline, Panel Show, Soul's Trace, IILSZIYUM Reel, Clash of Titans, Salad Designing, Singing ( Solo), Art & Craft and Antakshari. The FEST was graced by by Mr. Manoj Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Sil;iguri i Metropolitan Police as the Chief Guest. The FEST was inaugurated by Mr.Joyjit Choudhury, Chairman, Indian Institute of Legal Studies and President of the Governing Body at 1 pm on Oct.9. The Welcome Speech was presented by Dr.T.K.Chatterjee, Director, IILS. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr.S.Bhattacharjee, Principal (officiating). The FEST includes a pretty good number of stalls arranged by the students of the host college (IILS) for Food, Gift items and literature. The students enjoyed the events and all other activities with their hearts and minds flowing into it./

Date :09/10/2015

IILS India

VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION CAMP HELD ON 14TH AUGUST 2015. ON THE EVE OF THE 69TH Independence Day celebration, IILS organized a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with the SiliguriTerai Lions Blood Bank.The camp started with an introductory speech by Dr. Om Prakash, Doctor in charge, as to the importance and benefits of donating blood and words of encouragement to keep donating blood whenever possible. A big group of enthusiastic students, faculty members, non-teaching staffs had lined up to donate their blood and the best part was that almost 80% of the students were first time donors. The Blood Donation was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharjee, Principal (Officiating) by being the first donor of the camp as a sign of encouragement and motivation to the students. All the blood donors had a big smile on their faces as the feeling of doing something good was ignited in their hearts.The team of volunteers headed by the doctor in charge was very much impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the students. They expressed that it was a great success and also expressed their desire to come back again next year for another Blood Donation Camp and making it a yearly event. The blood donors were presented with a certificate and a donor’s card by the SiliguriTerai Lions Blood Bank as a token of appreciation. A souvenir was also presented to the College for such contribution.

Date :14/10/2015

IILS India
" Recent Trends in Crime : Issues and Challenges "

Mr. Manoj Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Sil;iguri i Metropolitan Police delivered a Special Lecture on 13/10/15 at 3 pm in the college before the students and teachers on " Recent Trends in Crime : Issues and Challenges ". The presentation was followed up by interactions with the students. Mr. Verma was felicited with flowers and Memento.

Date :13/10/2015

IILS India
Workshop for Police Officers

Workshop for Police Officers Siliguri on 28/5/15 jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Legal Studies (IILS) and the Siliguri Metropolitan Police. The Workshop commenced with a Welcome Address by Dr.T.K.Chatterjee, Director, IILS. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh, Judge of the Supreme Court as the Chief Guest. His Lordship Justice Ghose narrated a few instances of cyber crime out of his personal experience as a Judge in various courts. He appreciated the efforts of IILS to organize this training programme for the Police Officers to whom the people look forward to get justice and on whom rest the duty of preventing cybercrime. Mr. Manoj Kumar Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police and the Special Guest of Honour presented his speech. Mr.Verma presented the incidents of cyber crimes which come to the cyber crime police station in Siliguri, steps taken to nab the culprits and mitigate the sufferings. Mr. Joyjit Choudhury, Chairman, Indian Institute of Legal Studies presented the Key Note Address. He highlighted the IT Act, 2000, its amendments of 2008, the prevailing IPC, other rules & regulations and the procedures in challenging cyber crime. After the above speeches, the Technical Session started with Three presentations on the Focal Theme by the students of Indian Institute of Legal Studies as mentioned below : (i) Cyber Crime in Economy : Ashish Paul, Rupsita Das and Pooja Maiya of LL.B. 3trs. Sem II. (ii) Cyber Crime in Social Media : Vatsal Verma ( Sem VI), Megha Gurung ( Sem VI), Paygamtsho Sherpa ( Sem VIII) and Nikita Goel ( Sem VIII) of LL.B. 5 yrs. course. (iii) Cyber Crime in National Security : Himangshu Singh (Sem IV ), Ayushi Agarwal ( Sem IV ), Rinchen Dorji ( Sem IV ) and Chadrakant Sharma ( Sem II ) of LL.B. 5 yrs. course. . Each presentation was followed up by summing up by the teachers, namely, Ms. Trishna Gurung, Mr. Souradeep Rakshit and Mr. Abhishek Bhargava respectively. Then discussion and interaction with the participants continued for about two hrs. in the context of the issues and remedies in the area of cyber crime. A number of Police Officers participated in the discussion and profusely thanked IILS for organizing this event. Vote of Thanks were presented by the students.

Date :29/05/2015

IILS India
Legal Aid Camp

Legal Aid Camps were organised by the students of the Indian Institute of Legal Studies under guidance of the teachers as per following schedule to sensitise the poor people in the local communities about legal remedies available to them to settle disputes in various issues and get justice : 1. At Mirik on 16/5/15. Dignitaries who were present : Mr. Samitava Ghosh, Civil Judge ( Jr. Div. ) –cum – Judicial Magistrate, Mirik Court, Mr. Suraj Tamang, Advocate, Mirik Bar Association, Mr. Biswanath Ray Sarkar, S.I., Mirik P.S., Mrs. Mina Subba, Naari Sewa Samiti, Mirik, Mrs. Arpana Bharati, I.C.D.S., Mirik, Mr. Roshan Rai, Mirik Press Club, some students from Lewis English School and Mirik H.S. School and local people. 2. At Naxalbari on 23/5/15. 44 students participated from 3yrs 2nd, 3yrs 6th, 5yrs 2nd and 5yrs 4th semester. The Camp was held in presence of Mr. Ajay Kr. Das, Addl. District judge (1st) Siliguri sub-divisional court, Mr. Amit Sarkar, Mr. Rahul Pandey, WBPS, OC Naxalbari, OC Kharibari and other police officers and a reporter from Uttar Banga Sambad. There were about 50 local people present in the said program. Following speeches by the hon';ble guests, an effective interactive session was organised with the guests, students and the local people. The authorities of Naxalbari Higher Secondary School extended tremendous co-operation

Date :23/05/2015

IILS India
Rabindranath Tagore's 155th Birth Anniversary

The 155th Birth Anniversary of the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore was observed with due decorum and reverence on May 9, 2015 (Baisakh 25, 1422 ) in the college. The programme was inaugurated with placing of flowers in the portrait of Rabindranath by the Chairman, Trustees, Director, Principal, Teachers and Students. The observation commenced with a speech by Mr. Joyjit Choudhury, Chairman which followed with a speech by Dr.T.K.Chatterjee, Director. The students of various semesters presented songs, dances and recitation of poems of Tagore. Mr. Indra Nath Dey, Vice-Principal presented the concluding speech. The entire programme continued for about two hours and was witnessed by students and all sections of staff.

Date :09/05/2015

IILS India

The Summit was conceived, planned and co-ordinated under the stewardship and leadership of Mr. Joyjit Choudhury, Chairman, Indian Institute of Legal Studies. The aim and objective of the Summit were to reform, innovate, reorient and to cause a paradigm shift in the methodologies in place towards creating legal professionals in each SAARC country to meet the unfolding challenges in economic and social development. Yet another intent was to sensitize the countries for initiating dialogue among them for establishment of a SAARC Law University which will provide teaching-learning and research infrastructure of international standard taking into account the need for harmonisation of curricula but with due importance to the imperatives of distinctiveness of the respective countries. The Summit was structured into four Technical Sessions. The Speakers in these Sessions were Vice-Chancellors and senior Professors of Law Universities and allied Institutes of National Importance. The Inaugural Session of the Summit held on March 28 at 2 pm was attended by (i) Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.K. Sripavan, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka(ii) Hon'ble Mr. Justice Pinaki Ch.Ghose, Judge, Supreme Court of India (iii) Hon'ble Mr. Justice Abdul Salam Azimi, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan (iv) Hon'ble Mr. Justice Biswanath Somadder, Judge, Calcutta High Court (v) Justice Mr. Justice Lungten Dubgyur, Judge, High Court of Bhutan (vi) Mr. G.S. Chandel, YSM, GOC, 33 Corps, Sukna (vi) Mr. T.B.Ghimire, Joint Attorney General, Govt. of Nepal and (vii) Mr. Joyjit Choudhury, Chairman, Indian Institute of Legal Studies. The inaugural session was presided by Mr. Justice S.K. Sripavan, Chief Justice of Sri Lanka. Mr. Justice Pinaki Ch.Ghose, Judge, Supreme Court of India graced the session as the Chief Guest .

Date :30/03/2015

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