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Career Advancement Course

Friends, It gives me immense pleasure to announce another step forward in the IILS journey that is the introduction of Career Advancement Courses. In the era where the world is hurtling down the knowledge express highway at a supersonic speed, it is very difficult to keep pace, yet to lag behind means fading into oblivion. It is in this scene and context that career Advancement Courses find their relevance.

The traditional turf of legal discourse has suddenly become the hot bed of knowledge explosion and completion. New inventions, expanding activities of socio-economic and commercial transactions have rocked the proverbial boat giving rise to increasingly conflicting interest. In order to reduce those conflicts new legal regimes are being developed every day if not by the hour. It is difficult to keep pace with speed of change and transition with an individual’s personal effect. Career Advances Courses are designed to facilitate the bridging of gap on one hand and to critically appreciate the compulsion of the situation on the other.

Every educational institution has a social responsibility of enhancing the betterment of the society in which it is located. IILS is also trying to achieve that objective through the introduction of the Certificate Courses, having realized that the professional personnel located in this part of the country may not be able to access the resources of the metropolis and other big cities.

This is the first little footstep towards unveiling the possibilities of the future. The vision is very clear, aspirations are and the dreams are daring. The challenge lies in sharing the ship out of the turbulent water and that can be achieved only with the well coordinated team work of the crew and the passengers. The crew is on board and we welcome the participants in the joy ride of learning and manifestation of the perfection dormant within you.

Prof.(Dr.) Gangotri Chakraborty
Honorary Director

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