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Of late, law has become a promising career option. Law degrees have always been among the most sought-after and widely respected courses to study at the college and university level. For many, a law degree is the first step along the path to a career in the legal sector. Law degrees are very challenging, and for many students, the attraction lies in the unique combination of human interest and intellectual stimulation provided by the course of the study. For the reason one must be himself/herself in the best law college in India.

Why to study law?

Law, or legal studies, comes into contact with almost every area of human life, touching upon issues relating to
the environment,
human rights,
International relations and trade and many more areas.

As a law student, we can expect to learn how to tackle some of the most problematic – indeed, often seemingly irresolvable – conflicts and issues in modern society and morality. In providing a framework through which to examine and understand different societies and cultures, law degrees are a useful way to prepare not only for specific legal careers, but for a broad range of professional roles – and indeed, for life in general. This is the reason one must be himself/herself in the best law college in India.


Jalpaiguri Law college
'Jalpaiguri Law College, Online Admission, Law Courses'

Crux of Legal Education at North Bengal: Jalpaiguri Law College, the Indian Institute of Legal Studies and North Bengal University (Dept. of Law) – A Deigesis

Apart from having its commercial thrust it also provides an educational backup in the entire Jalpaiguri district. Not only has educational field laid its roots after independence, but prior to that era and during the period of British rule, such institutes have been established which brings within its ambit the entire stream of education structure. Naming a few colleges established in Jalpaiguri, The Institute of Pharmacy, Jalpaiguri is situated in the District Hospital Campus, Jalpaiguri. In the year 1923 it was established by the British Government and was known as Jackson’s Medical College. It has been granting diploma degrees in Pharmacy since 1920 and is also the first college in India to do so.


Until the present day we see the Bar Association of India transpires and still continues to perpetrate in order to bring forth diversity into legal profession, and puts forth various programs undertaken by the Government of India to help fill the duct of our legal system and profession. It has indeed so far recognized that the critical sectors have been the college students, especial priority being law students. Hence, here our goal is to provide needful information and resources to furnish the students that will guide them throughout their step towards application process, eligibility, entrance, financial structure, internship, training, law college experience, till the passing of Bar Examination. Hence our object is to help the students triumph as law professionals.


Generally, choosing which course to take up at University can be no easy task. I ‘am writing this article so that the students may get a basic proposition as to why you want to pursue a law degree, what you might get out of a law degree and all the requirements to get admissions into the best law colleges in West Bengal.

While considering your degree options after your 12th, you must consider at least the three basic factors: Firstly, you will have to spend the next four to five years of your life in the same field you have chose, so will the motivation keep you going till the end to enjoy studying?


Durgapur which is also popularly known as the "steel city" is located in the Burdwan District, in the state of West Bengal, India. It is the third largest city in West Bengal apart from being one of the largest industrial units in the State. Durgapur is located in the banks of river Ajay on the northern side and Damodar River on the southern. From the northern hub of West Bengal i.e. Siliguri, it is only 532 kilometers driving distance. It is observed that Durgapur has brought about wider and rapid growth in fields of industries, Information Technology Sectors, Information Technology Educational Sectors, education, firms and other various fields. With the advent of twenty first century, twelve new colleges for management, engineering, technology as well as institutes imparting professional studies have been opened up and many more on the onset. Regional Institute of Technology has been upgraded to “National Institute of Technology” by the Government of India vied National Institutes of Technology Act, 2007.


According to the Black’s Law Dictionary a lawyer is "a person learned in the law, as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law." After the attainment of a law degree, people working as a lawyer involves the most practical approach of abstract legal theories and command to solve specific individualized problems, or to serve the interest of those who reserve lawyers to render specific legal services.

In the wake of modern society and urbanization which we also term as the "21st century" besides qualifying as an attorney, counsel, solicitor or barrister, the skills and talent you pursue in the entire legal training can be transferred into many different roles as well. As a result, recruiters from various industries and fields are keen to engage law graduates.


The Sikkim Government law college is affiliated to the Sikkim University. It is situated at Lower Burtuk Road, Burtuk, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101. The College offers Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts. Since Sikkim is a small state the government of Sikkim has made all attempts by establishing Sikkim Law College to make the people and scholars interested in law, by providing proper legal education. Sikkim Law College provides a five year BA.LLB degree in law. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law: This is a full time five years programme. The criteria for admissions into Sikkim Law College are that the students must pass (10+2) or equivalent from such recognized board. The number of seats is 80 per session. The selection will be as per the norms of the University.

Eligibility criteria for admission into Sikkim Law College:

1. Candidates must complete (10+2) examination from recognized board.

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