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According to the Black’s Law Dictionary a lawyer is "a person learned in the law, as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law." After the attainment of a law degree, people working as a lawyer involves the most practical approach of abstract legal theories and command to solve specific individualized problems, or to serve the interest of those who reserve lawyers to render specific legal services.

In the wake of modern society and urbanization which we also term as the "21st century" besides qualifying as an attorney, counsel, solicitor or barrister, the skills and talent you pursue in the entire legal training can be transferred into many different roles as well. As a result, recruiters from various industries and fields are keen to engage law graduates.

Often if you have panicked wondering that you are pursuing your law course but don’t really want to become a lawyer then let me tell you that there is no reason for raising your brow. The proficiency that you develop while completing your law degree as well as the legal work experience will take you a long way in various alternative careers. The analytical and research skills that you will develop in your entire law course are not only needed by attorneys or barristers but it is recommended in almost every other profession you choose to opt for. In professions like consultancy, town planning, management works they prefer good communicators and persons with problem solving skills which law students are trained for in their law course. Not only in matters of skills but gaining legal knowledge itself takes a law student a long way, HR’s, tax advisors are also a product of law.

From freedom fighters to politicians to writers, lawyers have made a remarkable contribution. Here I would like to mention few luminaries who are lawyers and who have made an impact, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, P.V.Narashima Rao, Franz Kafka, Abrahim Lincon and various other elite personalities who have made a contribution in changing the world to make a better place to live in.

Law has been the popular choice for students since a long time in our country. Not only have the first ones in the family but also those whose families have been into this legal profession for a long time chosen law as a career. As long as one has the passion anyone can choose to study law irrespective of the family background in law.

Given below are top 11 career choices after law course:


Criminal lawyers also known as public defenders or criminal defense lawyers. They defend individuals, organizations and entities who have been charged with different sorts of crimes. Criminal lawyers handle a multiple gamut of criminal cases that ranges from domestic violence crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft, robbery, embezzlement, fraud, murder and such grave crimes which calls for severe punishments by the court of law.


Civil litigation arises when there is a legal dispute between two or more parties who seek monitory damages or specific performance of their dues rather than criminal approbations. A lawyer who has specializes in civil litigation is popularly known as a “litigator” or “trial lawyer.” Lawyers who practice civil litigation represent their clients or parties in trials at the court of law, hearings, arbitrations and mediations as and when required, before state or local courts, administrative agencies or even foreign tribunals.


A person in order to become a judge has to be a qualified scholar who has a law degree. Judges play many roles, they interpret the law, control the hearings and trials brought forth in their courtroom. Judges are regarded as impartial decision makers and we regard them to be the pursuit of justice. PARALEGAL OR LEGAL ASSISTANT: A paralegal or legal assistant is a person who is qualified by education by pursuing a law degree, and who is employed or retained by a lawyer or at a law office, corporations, governmental agency or any other entity. Paralegal or Legal Assistant performs explicitly such delegated substantive legal work.


In today's time almost all multinational companies and law firms recruit legal secretaries. Legal secretaries perform such assigned duties at law firms, companies and various other legal offices. Legal Secretaries unlike regular secretaries, require vast knowledge of legal proceedings and documentation which can be dealt with only if you have made through a professional law certificate.


Legal administrative assistants are professional assistants who have notable legal skills. With the standard tasks of answering telephone calls and meetings with clients is also a trait of administrative assistants. Studying at a law school enhances such qualities of the student as to make them forward and smart with reasons while dealing with their clients which is a very important function as an administrative assistant. Legal administrative assistants also have to deal with such legal tasks delegated to them by lawyers or such authority above them, such as preparing legal documents. Other duties such as research of various records, organizing case files and filling out legal forms are also to be taken care of by administrative assistants.


Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators are such elite persons who are experts in legal field and law scholars who help in resolving conflicts outside of the court system by rendering assistance in negotiation between disputing parties. Many mediators, arbitrators, and conciliators work for state or local governments or various legal services industries also hire them. Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators gain their expertise through a combination of legal education, work experience and training.


Talking about career choices after law course not only the above mentioned careers are included but a vast range of legal consultant jobs may also attract law students. Legal consultants are of various kinds and of wide amplitude; they may choose to be Legal Nurse Consultant, Legal software consultant, Forensic Scientist, Legal investigator or even Legal Management consultant. Legal consultants are also called legal advisors. Their main object is to provide legal assistance to clients and businesses. These professionals provide legal assistance outside the courtrooms, at firms or companies who hire them.


If you do not want to become a lawyer after completing your law degree, you may also choose to make fame in career such as legal publishing which includes Legal writer, Legal publisher, Legal editor or even Legal Web Manager. They are usually hired by companies or one may even make it individually with such expertise in skills and experience which is the important thrust. Studying at a law school already enhances your research, writing and speaking skills which in turn are beneficial in careers as these. This career will not only make an input in financial gain but also bring in a lot of fame.


Legal administration is different from administrative assistant. Legal administration requires an extensive experience as compared to administrative assistant. Various law firms and companies recruit legal administrators to take care of their entire functioning. There are various types of Legal Administrators; some are Law Firm Administrator, Contract Administrator, Law Firm Marketer or even Practice Administrator. Not only experience but they must also possess a professional degree in law from elite law colleges.


Not only does a law degree help you to make a career in fields mentioned above but imparting legal education is also a fruitful career. Not only career wise but also to give a contribution towards the society. Law Professor, Law School Dean, Law School Admissions Officer, Legal Career Counselor, Paralegal Instructor and Legal Researcher are part of such career.


We have often heard them say that law and politics are somehow co related. So far we see that renounced politicians of our nation have made a remarkable contribution are lawyers. As mentioned above Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, are lawyers. Not only politics but in order to make law you must know about law, hence law students may also choose a career as legislators, attorney generals, district attorneys, legislative aide, legislative staff or even legal analyst.

Hence we see the wide ambit that may be entered after completion of a law degree. So in order to cover all the field of legal education and providing better scope of varied law courses the Indian Institute of Legal Studies has made an attempt by providing students choices in legal studies such as :

  • B.A.LL.B, 5 Years- Integrated Degree Course in Law.
  • BBA.LL.B, 5 Years- Integrated Degree Course in Law.
  • B.Com.LL.B, 5 Years- Integrated Degree Course in Law.
  • LL.B, 3 Years - Degree Course in Law.

  • These courses cover the wide ambit of legal profession. I may rather say that completion of a law degree is in itself a wide achievement and a starting point of a bright future in whichever career you choose related to law.

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