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Library Overview
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LIBRARY FACILITIES : A fully air-conditioned unit. The Indian Institute of Legal Studies Central Library occupies a central location overlooking a spectacular view of the campus and the entire mountain terrain of the Himalayas and of-course the lush green tea-gardens. The reading room is spread over 4000 Sq. Ft. of the floor space, providing about 150 seats. Internet access is available in the Library and the campus is Wi-Fi enabled allowing the students and faculties to access the net and online databases subscribed to by the Indian Institute of Legal Studies from the laptops of the faculty. A separate zone has been earmarked in the library for the faculty. In addition to the Central Library, the Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library hold institutional membership with the Central Library of North Bengal University and Library of the Department of Law, North Bengal University enabling our students to access their collections and data-bases. Tertiary faculties are available within the library.

Library Hours:

Library Hours Summer Winter
Monday-Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday 9 am - 3:30 pm 9 am - 3 pm
Transactions ( Book issue and Return)  
Monday-Friday 10 am - 5.30 pm 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3:30 pm 10 am - 3 pm


Library Services: The following services are provided:

A. Membership :

Membership is granted to all faculty, staff and students of Indian Institute of Legal Studies on submitting the filled-in application. However  non attached users, viz professionals, bona-fide research scholars, bona fide students etc, who wish to make use of the library may be allowed to do so on being accorded written permission from the vice-Chairman of the Library Committee. Users from the other institutes are permitted access to Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library collection and internet services an application along with a bona-fide letter from their institute and a copy of their ID-Card for our records. Books will not be issued.

B. Membership Cards :

Membership Card for Library is issued to all regular students. The Library Cards are not transferable. If the cards are lost, duplicate cards may be issued on payment of Rs. 200/- only.

C. Reprography:

There are two photocopying machines available in the Administrative Office. Students can get their materials photocopied on payment @ 75 Paisa per copy as fixed by the Library Committee. This service is outsourced.

D. Printing : 

Laser printing facility is available in the Library. Students can take printouts against payment. This service is also outsourced.

E. Scanning: 

This service is available to students on payment of requisite fees. This service is also outsourced.

F. Magazines and News Papers or General Reading:

Our Institute subscribes many a periodicals or general readings and 5 daily newspapers. The periodicals are displayed in the Library. The newspaper is on display in the Library as well as four locations in various floors.

F. Magazines and News Papers or General Reading:

Our Institute subscribes many a periodicals or general readings and 5 daily newspapers. The periodicals are displayed in the Library. The newspaper is on display in the Library as well as four locations in various floors.

G. Library Books:

As of 2010, the Library has a collection of over 400 titles and more than 3000 volumes of bound periodicals as well as a sizeable collection of electronic materials in CD-ROMs and legal databases providing online access via major legal platforms including SCC, AIR, Grand Jurix, Heinonline, Westalw, Lexis Nexis and Manupatra online. The library has also acquired complete sets of Public Law, Company Law, AIR, SCC, CWN, CHN etc. Over 80 % are on Law and 15 % in social sciences. There are the latest from national and international publishers. The Law library is equipped with all England Law Report and also other International Journal. As an integral component of the academic programs, the Library supports the Institute teaching and research. From the present humble strides there shall be a never ending endeavour for rapid growth in the collection of the Library.

Reading Room (Reference) Facility :-
Student are allowed to use the entire stock of the Library. Each student deserves the right to use the reading room throughout his / her course of studies in the Institute, provided he / she observes proper discipline and maintains academic attitude. Strict silence be kept in the reading room. Books are issued on presentation of Students’ Library Card which remains with the dealing personnel as long as the book is in use.

Borrowing Facility (From Lending Section)
First Year  LL.B. students may avail 2 (two) books at a time for 14 days.
From Second Year to Fifth Year LL.B. students may avail 3 (three) books at a time (subject to availability) for 14 days equally applicable to students of 3 year LL.B. Course.

Responsibility of students for the books issued
At the time of borrowing a book every member (student) shall examine it very carefully and if any mutilation, defacement or damage in the books found by any member, then he / she should immediately report to the Librarian otherwise he/she shall be liable for any damage, defacement or mutilation detected at the time of return.

If any member loses a book, in that case, he / she shall have to pay current market price of the book. If a book is one of the volume of a set, the reader must replace the whole set.

Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library Committee:

Chairman : Mr. Joyjit Choudhury.
Vice-Chairman : Principal
Members : Entire faculty.
Librarian : Sri Mohitosh Das.

Books (Subject wise):

  • Law-
  • Social Science-
  • Literature –
  • Commerce and Management-
  • Environmental Studies –
  • Others –


How to locate the books: Books are parked on the racks following the Dewy Decimal. Classification(DDC) Scheme. (The accession register is maintained through Computer Software).

Note down the classification number from the catalogue and locate the book at the rack concerned. The numbers run in ascending order.

Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library Journals:

Currently the Library subscribes to AIR, SCC, CWN, CHN, Cr. L.J., CIS, Company Law Journal including top-notch international publications, such as ALL ENGLAND LAW REPORTS. West Law, Hein Online, Grand Jurix, Lexis Nexis, Manupatra, AIR, SCC online is the major online databases the Library has been subscribing to.

Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library Rules and Regulations:

  • No bags / folders / newspapers will be allowed inside the Library.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept on Switched off mode in the Library premises.
  • Personal books are not allowed in the Library.
  • No unauthorized outsiders or visitors will be allowed inside or to avail of the library facilities.
  • Users are not to replace books on the racks after reading. They are to place the books on the table. Library staff will shelve the books.
  • Users are requested not to have discussions in the reading section as it is distracting to those studying or reading.
  • Books issued will not be allowed inside the Library.
  • Library users will be required to submit issued books for inspection to the authorized staff at the library exit.
  • Bound back volumes of journals are available for Reference Only.


Indian Institute of Legal Studies Library Form, Membership Application Form,
Reservation Slip, Journals / Study Material Requisition Slip are available in our website.

Library Statistics :

Back Volumes of Journals & Subscription 5,000
Current Journals 8
General Magazines 2
News Papers 2
Computers 6
Photocopying Machines 1
Staff    3


The contact address is:
Library, Indian Institute of Legal Studies

  • Dagapur, Siliguri
  • P.O. & P.S.:- Matigara,
  • Dist : Darjeeling, Pin: -734010, West Bengal
  • Library: +91-353-6507080
  • Fax : 0353-2574698
  • E-Mail  :iils.siliguri@gmail.com
  • Post Box No: Siliguri Head Post Office, Post Box No. 66
Our Address
  • Address Details : Dagapur, Siliguri
  • Post Office. & Police.Station : Matigara
  • District : Darjeeling, State : West Bengal, India
  • Pin Code Address : 734010
  • Telephone No. : +91-353-2574013 / 2574697
  • Fax No. : +91-353-2574698
  • For General Information : iils.siliguri@gmail.com
  • For Administration : iils.principal@gmail.com
  • For Admission Enquiry : admissioniils@gmail.com
  • Post Box No: Siliguri Head Post Office, Post Box No. 66
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