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Student Amenities
Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

With India Being a developing country and very close to attaining the status of a developed nation, Indian Institute of Legal Studies has been the desideratum of this region. In spite of the policies of the government to nurture India into the cradle of developed nations; it has been felt that the state alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of taking education into the zenith, as enshrined in Article 21 A of our Constitution. Hence an attempt has been made by the Indian Institute of Legal Studies in this region by providing active participation of private capital in the sphere of education, to meet the standards laid down by the Constitution. The Chairman of the institution had a vision and laid the foundation for setting up this institution and moderately over the years IILS has taken the shape to fulfill the purpose of the vision once conceived, benefitting the society at large.

Throughout this journey constant guidance and active support was rendered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal, The Bar Council of India, New Delhi and the University Grants Commission, New Delhi to nurture the pristine sapling into a tree.

IILS is a necessity of this region considering the variety of socio – cultural, politico – economic, historical and geographical inter linkages and independencies not only among the various states of India connecting to the North East region but also a connection between India and other SAARC Nations and especially with the planning and execution of Asian Highway – 02.

The institution has been blessed with an up gradation of its education system into a post graduate advanced research studies in law through its team of members comprising of the academic council, the advisory council and the faculty members, providing every facility to the students of the surrounding region comprising the member nations of the SAARC region.


IILS upholds the value of the mother earth and the role it has in our daily life and supports the protection of nature. The institute has a wide spread green campus covered with varieties of green trees all around keeping its members attached with nature. The institute takes pride in housing a pollution free generator which supplies electricity 24X7. The Chairman of the institute plans to electrify the entire campus with solar energy. IILS seeks to enhance its beauty not only by luxurious facilities but also by maintaining a clean eco system.


The institute is a mammoth structure (G+3) consisting of 40,000 Sq. Ft. having been designed by the best engineers and architects in India. The ground floor houses the spacious lobby, administrative office, the Principal's office side by side, faculty room, spacious class- rooms and drinking water provisions. The office of the Career Advancement Courses also finds space within the ground floor. The stair cases on both the sides of the lobby gives access to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. All the upper floors have viewing balconies and classrooms. The Chairman's gorgeous office is housed in the 1st floor and the Accounts section also finds place in the same floor. The majestic library is located in the 2nd floor along with the conference room. The seminar hall finds place in the 3rd floor. From the lobby on the ground floor, the top – floor can be viewed providing a panoramic view of the atrium. The main entrance and exterior is designed with aluminum framed glass over view and ACP paneled structure. Mineral RO UV water plant has been implanted throughout the campus.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

The institution upholds high quality education and class deliberations by the faculties. In order to tailor the budding professionals of tomorrow the institution provides Hi – Tech classrooms with power points and audio visual based orientations and the students are also benefitted with the latest bit of technology and public address system. The classrooms are delineated providing spacious sitting capacity to students keeping in mind their comfort. There is a practice of upgrading knowledge on current social, economic and political issues of the society through group discussions and class presentations. Every student is a member of the family and is guided in the best possible way of overall developments.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

With a change in the education system and a fast growing technology, it has been a necessity for the institute to be well equipped with computers and internet. IILS is providing this facility to students through a separate server and networking for students within the premises of the library. Access to online research engines like Manupatra is available to the students for reference work.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

A separate seminar/ lecture hall has been housed for conducting seminars, conferences, special lectures, etc. providing an atmosphere of education for better development of the mind of students. Experts from different fields have visited the institution and have disseminated their vast knowledge through lectures, debates and interactive sessions. The students have been equally befitted by the same.


India being a developing country where poverty and inequality is a major problem, an effective means of providing justice to the aggrieved apart from courts has become the need of the society. Legal Aid Clinic is an effective mechanism towards attainment of the ideal "Social, economic and political justice" which has been enshrined in the Directive Principles of State policy under the Constitution of India. The antecedent behind establishing a Legal Aid Clinic within the college campus was to render justice to those who have suffered injustice and to spread extensive awareness amongst the students and people, through organizing legal aid clinics in rural areas, awareness camps etc. The institution has also adopted a village under Champasari Gram Panchayat in the presence of Hon'ble Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and the former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court with the prime object of rendering it as a litigation free area.

There is a Legal Aid Committee formed under the supervision of the senior teachers comprising of member students. These students along with other inmates visit small villages and areas with the goal of providing them legal help and imparting legal help and imparting awareness. The students along with the teachers have also been running the Clinical Aid Centre which has been established in the institution. Large number of people has visited the institution and has been seeking help with regards to the problems faced by them.

The Legal Aid Centre has been running successfully under the guidance of the faculty members and the active participation of the students to provide free legal aid to the people as enshrined under Article 39 A of the Constitution of India. The centre has been carrying on its assignments under the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

It is believed by many that law institutions only focus on studies and nothing apart from that, but it is a myth. IILS provides to its students a 1.5 acre of land which has been assigned for outdoor games such as badminton, football, volleyball, cricket etc. A volleyball and a badminton ground has been designed for an all round development of the students. Not being totally confined to outdoor games, the institution also promotes certain indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom board etc. The institution also makes an arrangement for annual sports events including both outdoor and indoor games. There is an active participation from both faculty members and students.

The institution also has a common room both boys and girls separately, where one socialize with fellow students and have the ambit of widening their sphere of interests. Every year there is an annual cultural programme organized by the students where they get an opportunity to showcase their talents. For the interests and development of students in every field, an inter-college fest was also organized where colleges and schools had actively participated.

Fresher's welcome and Farewell ceremonies for new comers and outgoing students are also organized respectively.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

The IILS LAW REVIEW with ISSN 2320-5318 is peer-reviewed journal under the guidance and stewardship of Prof. (Dr.) Khushal Vibhute, Dean , Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and the executive editors comprising of the faculty members of IILS. Renowned personalities and scholars from across the country as well as SAARC nations contribute their articles and writing towards the journal, each year. Articles authorized by practitioners, academicians and research scholars also find place in the journal. The object of IILS Law Review is to publish high quality scholarly writing in legal studies and allied inter disciplinary fields. This step towards stimulating a culture of momentous academic research and writing amongst the students and faculty members has been a great success.

The College has also introduced a flagship journal as a quarterly law journal by the students – “IILS QUEST” considering the fact that Law Institutes as ours have a social obligation to be a fountain of information and guidance. For this purpose the students’ contributions have been sought who have penned their thoughts, view, research, analysis in our home publication. The publication promotes and endeavors to foster a culture of serious academic research and writing amongst the students.


With rising threat of terrorism and other criminal activities, the College authorities have given a serious thought towards the security aspect within the campus and the hostels. 24 Hours security guards have been allocated for the Central College Campus and the hostels. Each and every corner of the campus, including the classrooms, offices are on 24 hours CC TV surveillance. X-Ray enabled security door would be placed at the main entrance to scan and check persons entering the College and the entire College premises would be manned by specially trained security personnel. Fire –extinguishers have been installed in all the floors with special care for the library and water for such exigencies would be supplied from a reservoir constructed at the rear of the College Campus. All the faculty, staff and students would be provided with identity cards so that security personnel can distinguish between Institute attached and non-attached people thus reducing the security risks comfortably. A green, pollution-free Generator has been installed to take care of the power situation. Orderly parking facilities and bays have been created to avoid commotion so as to permit hassle free entry and exit with the aim of reduction in pollution levels within the campus.


The institution maintains a strict discipline within the premises. No student is permitted to misbehave or be disobedient to the college authority, faculty or any other member. Unpleasant etiquette on the part of the student like screaming, loitering, smoking within the campus area etc. would be considered as an act of violation of the rules and regulations of the institution for which one may be expelled from the college and the decision of the appropriate authority shall be final.


Identity Cards bearing the photographs and basic information of students are provided by the institution on the payment of requisite fee. It is obligatory for every student to carry their respective identity cards within the college campus as well as outside the campus. A unique identification number is also provided in the identity card which is issued to the student. This identification number makes it easy to get the full information of the student.

In case a student looses or misplaces his/her identity card. He/ She have to lodge an FIR in the nearest police station and a copy of the same with the details of the student needs to be submitted in College Office with the requisition for the issuance of a new Identity Card.


The college strictly prohibits ragging within and outside the college premises in terms of the Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009 and strict adherence to the judgment delivered by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

Committees have been formed by the institution and a strict vigilance is kept under the direct governance of the Principal. Wardens have been appointed for the boys and girls hostel to regulate the proper functioning of it and prevent any sort of malpractice and ragging.

The institution has also set up a committee in terms of the Supreme Court guidelines for the protection of women against sexual harassment at workplace. The committee looks after welfare of the working women within the college campus and also takes proper care of their interest.


On the basis of the rules imposed by the Bar Council of India a strict dress code regime has been imposed upon the students to suit the profession. In order to maintain a decency and uniformity amongst the students a dress code has been designed which would be available to the students under the supervision of the college.

Violation of the Dress Code would attract Disciplinary proceedings. The students are hereby directed to follow a strict dress code system with:

  • 1. Proper tie knots
  • 2. Shirt should have full sleeves with buttons closed.
  • 3. Female students should have their hair tied up neatly and male students should have short hair keeping it away from their faces.


  • Black trousers : full length
  • White Shirt : full sleeves
  • Black Coat, Black-tie
  • Black socks and Black School Shoes(mandatory)
  • Black trousers: full length
  • White Shirt : Full sleeves
  • Black Coat, Black-tie, Black socks and Black School Shoes(mandatory)
  • White Salwar Suit: full sleeves
  • Black Pyjama
  • Black Dupatta
  • Black pump shoes

Bus services is provided to students residing in the hostels and also for non-hostel residing students to and from the college campus to the town of Siliguri and surrounding areas on payment of prescribed fees. New buses with GPRS Connectivity have been provided, driven only by the drivers appointed by the College Authorities.

Best Law College in Siliguri, Best Law College in West Bengal, Law College in India

The College canteen is situated at the rear end of the campus for providing students with hygienic, healthy food at reasonable rates. This service has been out sourced.

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